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Department of Information Technology


Presentations January-March 2021 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
5/1 15.00 1DT340 Daniel Jönsson Representation of Solar Installations on a Digital Platform Developed with a User Centered Approach Mikael Laaksoharju
7/1 10.15 1DT340 Ammar Al-Dhahyani Implementation of FADO in React.js Kristiaan Pelckmans
20/1 14.15-15.00 1DT340 Seth Nielsen AI Programming and Training for a Stochastic Discrete Game Justin Pearson
21/1 9.15-10.00 1DT340 Ellinor Petersson Hallmén Enhancing users' ability to interact with 3D visualization in web-based configurators Stefan Seipel
21/1 10.15-11.00 1DT340 Simon Wallbing Computer-based analysis of news article using topic detection Davide Vega
24/3 9.15-10.00 1DT340 Edward Johanssond Hållbar utveckling Lars Oestreicher
24/3 10.15-11.00 1DT340 Rinyarat Buakhao A comparative evaluation of network mining methods with and without graph embedding Matteo Magnani
24/3 11.15-12.00 1DT340 Alex Henningsson Survey over the application of machine Learning to automated greenhouses Justin Pearson
31/3 13.00-13.45 1DT340 Fredrik Wärngård Feature extracting from an SMT problem Philipp Rûmmer
31/3 14.00-14.45 1DT340 Gustaf Dehlbom Difficulties Reading Code An Evaluation of Assessment Rubric for EiPE Tasks in Secondary Education Anna Eckerdal

Presentations December 2020 1DT540

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
15/12 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Sam Löthen Exploring probabilistic graph models for risk analysis in cybersecurity Brent Sanchez Christian Rohner
15/12 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Brent Sanchez An Imiomics sex and age study in body composition di?erences Sam Löthen Filip Malmberg
16/12 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Zhenyu Tang Monitoring activity patterns in Linnaean Botanical Gardens Chenglong Li Edith Ngai
16/12 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Christian Gullberg Quality Assurance of Condition Monitoring Calculations Zhenyu Tang Pelle Mattsson
16/12 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Chenglong Li Exploring machine learning approaches to improve scheduler performance Christian Gullberg Kristiaan Pelckmans

Presentations December 2020 1DT068/1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
16/12 9.15-10.15 1DT068 Kranthi Kumar Badagu Multichannel Frequency Sweep for Acoustic Optic Christoffer Ekfelt + Max Dagerbratt Philipp Rümmer
16/12 10.30-12.00 1DT960 Christoffer Ekfelt + Max Dagerbratt Light-weight Augmented Reality on-the-go Kranthi Kumar Badagu Stefan Seipel

Presentations December 2020 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
17/12 9.15-10.00 1DT340 Duc Anh Nguyen A heterogeneous platform description metamodel for real-time scheduling tools Wang Yi
17/12 10.15-11.00 1DT340 Jonathan Gustafsson Evaluation of a Human Pose Estimation Algorithm Ginevra Castellano
17/12 11.15-12.00 1DT340 Jonathan Lindroth Leveraging property access optimizations in the V8 JavaScript engine for improved runtime performance Karl Marklund
18/12 13.15-14.00 1DT340 Sebastian Allard Objective vs novelty search for bipedal locomotion Di Yuan

Presentations November 2020 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
11/11 10.15-11.00 1DT340 Wietze Schelhaas Predicting network performance in IoT environments using RNN/LSTM Christian Rohner
CANCELLED 1DT340 Jonathan Gustavsson Evaluation of a Human Pose Estimation Algorithm Ginevra Castellano
26/11 11.15-12.00 1DT340 Elwira Johansson Practical complexity of the Fibonacci heap in simulation and modelling framework Carl Nettelblad

Presentations November 2020 1DT068

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
4/11 9.15-10.30 1DT068 Paul Sujeet, Asif Mohmmad, Vishnu Ullas Smart hand gessture tracking adaptable to multiple applications Mohammad El Musleh Alexander Medvedev
4/11 10.45-11.30 1DT068 Mohammad El Musleh Transformation of UML State Machine Diagram into Graph Database to Generate Test Cases Paul Sujeet, Asif Mohmmad, Vishnu Ullas Bengt Jonsson

Presentations November 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
3/11 9.00-10.00 1DT960 Andra-Stefania Negus Exploring an Adaptive Anomaly Detection Machine Learning Solution for Large Internet-of-Things Datasets Magnus Gustafsson Olle Gällmo
3/11 10.15-11.15 1DT960 Christian Ormos Exploring Machine Learning Architectures to Help Combat COVID-19 Andra-Stefania Negus Stefan Engblom
3/11 11.30-12.30 1DT960 Magnus Gustafsson Evaluation of StochSD for Epidemic Modelling, Simulation and Stochastic Analysis Christian Ormos Mikael Sternad
3/11 13.15-14.00 1DT960 Elsa Rick The effect of second-hand x-ray radiation on strategic electronic components Joel Westerlund Anders Persson

Presentations November 2020 1DT808

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
12/11 13.15-14.00 1TD808 Sireesh Haang Limbu Comparison between direct and indirect speech-to-speech language translation using machine learning Peili Guo Pelle Mattsson
12/11 14.15-15.00 1TD808 Peili Guo Heuristics for vehicle motion planning with search trees Sireesh Haang Limbu Justin Pearson
13/11 13.15-14.00 1TD808 You Wu Feature selection on high dimensional histogram data to improve components’ life length prediction Jennifer Andersson Georgios Fakas
13/11 14.15-15.00 1TD808 Jiayi Yang Distributed Edge Cloud Availability You Wu Salman toor
13/11 15.15-16.00 1TD808 Jennifer Andersson Simulation-driven Machine Learning Control of a Forestry Crane Manipulator Jiayi Yang Thomas Schön

Presentations October 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
7/10 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Joel Westerlund Enhanced Distance Learning: A Measurement Tool for Electronics Courses Elsa Rick Christian Rohner

Presentations October 2020 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
15/10 13.15-14.00 1DT340 Clara Tillman Security at the microarchitectural level: an in depth look at microarchitectural replay attacks Stefanos Kaxiras
15/10 14.15-15.00 1DT340 Rasmus Öijvall Translator prototype for Structured Text to ABB Control Builder Pontus Ekberg

Presentations October 2020 1DT540

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
14/10 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Archit Ulha Suryawanshi Data driven analysis of Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Uppsala ULL Chun Wu Edith Ngai
14/10 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Chun Wu Deep Neural Network Based Industrial Image Segmentation Archit Ulha Suryawanshi Anders Hast
20/10 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Iosif Kakalelis Investigations and solutions for safer medication in healthcare Michael Wallgren Fjellander Åsa Cajander
20/10 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Michael Wallgren Fjellander Anomaly Detection System for Autonomous Car Safety Cages Iosif Kakalelis Petter Ranefall

Presentations September 2020 1TD708/1TD808

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
18/9 13.15-14.00 1TD708 Jiahao Lu Evaluation of learning based methods for multimodal biomedical image registraiton Zonghao Lu Natasa Sladoje
18/9 14.15-15.00 1TD808 Zonghao Lu A case study about different network architectures in Federated Machine Learning Jiahao Lu Ben Blamey

Presentations September 2020 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
10/9 9.15-10.00 1DT340 Per Andersson Symbolic Execution with String Solvers
10/9 10.15-11.00 1DT340 Ngoc Tuan Phan Comparing MiniZinc and AlleAlle on the Linux Package Resolution Problem
10/9 11.15-12.00 1DT340 Sara Quarfot Orrevall Implementing and Verification of Sorting Algorithms
17/9 13.15-14.00 1DT340 Oskar Dahlin Implementing and Evaluating sparsi?cation methods in probabilistic networks Matteo Magnani

Presentations September 2020 1DT540

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
1/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Hamza Imran Saeed Fault classification in the stability testing ecosystem using unsupervised learning Nodari Kankava Salman Toor
1/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Nodari Kankava Exploring the Efficiency of Multi-Word Compare-and-Swap Hamza Imran Saeed Stefanos Kaxiras
2/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Felix Morsbach Hardened Model Aggregation for Federated Learning backed by Distributed Trust Wei Peng Prashant Singh
2/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Wei Peng Extraction of gait parameters from video - data in theUDDGait-step-study Felix Morsbach Natasa Sladoje
16/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Kleivi Tsaousi Elasticity of Elasticsearch Peipei Han Pontus Ekberg
16/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Peipei Han Decoding Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials(SSVEP) Brain-Computer Interface(BCI)-- implementation and performance analysis Kleivi Tsaousi Carolina Wählby
16/9 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Shashank Shekher Tripathi Data driven analysis of Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Uppsala ULL Areeb Asad Edith Ngai
16/9 16.15-17.00 1DT540 Areeb Asad Securing battery less IoT devices Shashank Shekher Tripathi Thiemo Voigt
22/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Shuzhi Dong Deep Learning for Iceberg Detection in Satellite images Nikoletta Tsongari Olle Gällmo
22/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Nikoletta Tsongari Video QUaltiy and USer Listening habits Shuzhi Dong Matteo Magnani
29/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Clovis Bobillier How to make the most usable language learning app for people integrating in a new country by using HCI principles ? Fredrik Nilsson Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
29/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Fredrik Nilsson Payment Volume Forecasting using Bayesian Methods with Auxiliary Market Data Ibrahim Hersi Prashant Singh
29/9 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Ibrahim Hersi Urba Water Demand Analysis Clovis Bobillier Edith Ngai

Presentations September 2020 1DT068

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
7/9 10.15-11.00 1DT068 Ioannis Anevlavis A Study of Page-Based Memory Allocation Policies for the Argo Distributed Shared Memory System Sina Borrami Konstantinos Sagonas
7/9 11.15-12.00 1DT090 Sina Borrami A control unit for a digitizer system Ioannis Anevlavis Leif Gustavsson
10/9 13.15-14.00 1DT068 Kedar Suhas Joshi CAN to wireless gateway for chemical analytical instruments Andreas Öhman Di Yuan
10/9 14.15-15.00 1DT068 Andreas Öhman Post Quantum Cryptography in Embedded Systems Kedar Suhas Joshi Christian Rohner

Presentations September 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
23/9 9.15-10.00 1DT960 Vanja Wallner Normalization of medical expressions to MedDRA Robert Källgren Robin Strand
23/9 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Desiree Björkman Neural network evaluation on natural language to Computational Thinking Vanja Wallner Lars Oestreicher
23/9 11.15-12.00 1DT960 Robert Källgren Implementing and evaluating an unconventional design of an Electronic Health Record system Desiree Björkman Mats Lind

Presentations August 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
13/8 9.15-10.00 1DT960 Karolin Gjöthlen Searching and recommending texts related to climate change Maria Lindqvist Kristiaan Pelckmans
13/8 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Maria Lindqvist Understanding and implementing state-of-the-art eviction set algorithms for security Karolin Gjöthlen Stefanos Kaxiras
14/8 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Michael Appelstål Combining text and images for risk classification on construction sites Emil Stolpe Georgios Fakas
14/8 11.15-12.00 1DT960 Emil Stolpe A guide in education Michael Appelstål Anna Eckerdal
20/8 9.15-10.00 1DT960 Lucas Herrera A structured approach to selecting the most suitable log management system for an organization Simon Sandbom/ Fredrik Larsson Karl Marklund
20/8 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Axel Dalbom/ Tim Svensson Implementation of an LSC by modifying an Ariane Core Lucas Herrera Yuan Yao
20/8 11.15-12.00 1DT960 Simon Sandbom/ Fredrik Larsson A study on 2D advertisements in mobile versus VR experiences Axel Dalbom/ Tim Svensson Stefan Seipel
27/8 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Emilia Elm Can machine learning be useful to match company’s values with applicants? Conrad Åslund Georgios Fakas
27/8 11.15-12.00 1DT960 Conrad Åslund Matching handwritten notes using Computer vision and pattern matching Emilia Elm Carolina Wählby

Presentations June 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
16/6 9.15-10.00 1DT960 Jonas Norlinder Low-Variation Memory Overhead with Deterministic Concurrent Relocation Michael Rehn Tobias Wrigstad
16/6 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Caspar Lindvall/ Mikael Söderberg ICNoTP: A lightweight ICN protocol for IoT devices Christoffer Gustafsson/ Filip Björklund Christian Rohner
16/6 11.15-12.00 1DT960 Christoffer Gustafsson/ Filip Björklund Wind Simulation in Networked Games Caspar Lindvall/ Mikael Söderberg Anders Hast
16/6 13.15-14.00 1DT960 Caroline Algvere Introducing a Payment Model for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Victor Munthe Mikael Laaksoharju
16/6 14.15-15.00 1DT960 Victor Munthe Implementing Voice Communication Technology in Patient Applications Caroline Algvere Bengt Sandblad
17/6 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Emil Österberg Automated regression testing of fat clients Sebastian Persson Lars-Henrik Eriksson
17/6 11.15-12.00 1DT960 Sebastian Persson Who watches the system administrators Emil Österberg Thiemo Voigt
24/6 9.15-10.00 1DT960 Alexander Backlund Switching hybrid recommender system to aid the knowledge seekers Jakob Nyberg Johan Alenlöv
24/6 10.15-11.00 1DT960 Jakob Nyberg Personality-based dialogue generation using machine leraning Alexander Backlund Ginevra Castellano
24/6 13.15-14.00 1DT960 Adam Innersjö Transformation of Time-based Sensor Data to Material Quality Data in Stainless Steel Production Anton Eklund Christian Rohner
24/6 14.15-15.00 1DT960 Anton Eklund Improving Mask R-CNN Image Segmentation on Floor Plans Adam Innersjö Anders Hast
25/6 9.15-10.00 1DT960 Casper Strömberg Developing a framework for declarative lists interfaces August Edström/ Johan Isaksson Anca Juliana Stoica
25/6 10.15-11.00 1DT960 August Edström/ Johan Isaksson Inferring dataset relations using knowledge graph metadata Casper Strömberg

Presentations June 2020 1DT068, 1TD808

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
12/6 13.15-14.00 1TD808 Nima Ghourubi Evaluation of cloud-based machine translation tools in mobile translation applications Jose Yuncosa Dave Zachariah
12/6 14.15-15.00 1DT068 Jose Yuncosa Test Automation for HVDC System Protection, A Proof of Concept for ABB Nima Ghourubi Bengt Jonsson

Presentations June 2020 1DT540

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
9/6 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Ina Loena Mendoza Boff Effectiveness of speech recognition for Off-highway vehicles Wenfei Zhu Anders Arweström Jansson
9/6 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Wenfei Zhu Player segmentation using deep clustering with convoluted gaussian mixture variational autoencoder Chengxi Li Olle Gällmo
9/6 15.15-16.00 1DT550 Chengxi Li Trajectory generation for group approaching behaviour using data-driven methods Ina Loena Mendoza Boff Ginerva Castellano
10/6 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Swathi Kamani Virtualization and orchestration of IoT baseband features Sofia Ellegren Thiemo Voigt
10/6 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Lukas Wirne Coroutines performance analysis at Bontouch Swathi Kamani Sven-Olof Nyström
10/6 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Sofia Ellegren Performance Evaluation of Asynchronous Streams using Kotlin Flow and RxJava Lukas Wirne Sven-Olof Nyström
15/6 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Joosep Alviste Deployment failure analysis using Machine learning Davis Nicmanis Justin Pearson
15/6 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Ruoqi Zhang Regularized Least-Squares Policy Iteration Joosep Alviste Dave Zachariah
15/6 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Davis Nicmanis Deep Learning Based Focus Interpolation for Whole-Slide Images Ruoqi Zhang Natasa Sladoje
16/6 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Vishnu Sharma Reinforcement Learning for Grid Voltage Stability with FACTS Moustafa Aboushady Per Mattsson
16/6 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Moustafa Aboushady Input selection for fault detection in high-frequency data streams Vishnu Sharma Niklas Wahlström
16/6 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Samuel Pettersson Species classification of bats based on ultrasound records Eda Caner Alexander Medvedev
16/6 16.15-17.00 1DT540 Eda Caner Smart Office Sensors - IoT and Edge AI Samuel Pettersson Thiemo Voigt
17/6 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Evangelia Spachou Identify clusters of podcast topics in a knowledge graph with a descriptive name Ahmed Hussain Georgios Fakas
17/6 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Ahmed Hussain IoT based encrypted wireless traffic classification using Machine learning Lionel Jouin Thiemo Voigt
17/6 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Lionel Jouin Prototype and study IMS networking needs using network service mesh Evangelia Spachou Thiemo Voigt

Presentations May/June 2020 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
28/5 10:15-11:00 1DT340 Sinae Lee Dictionary extension for topic analysis of Swedish online texts N/A Davide Vega
28/5 11:15-12:00 1DT340 Joakim Holmberg Targeting the zebrafish eye using deep learning-based image segmetation N/A Amin Allalou
4/6 10:15-11:00 1DT340 Daniel Fehrm Using a prototype to identify the most important features in a mobile system for real estate brokers N/A Anders Arweström Jansson
4/6 11:15-12:00 1DT340 Johannes Almroth Implementation of NB-IoT Communication with Scales N/A Per Gunningberg
11/6 9:15-10:00 1DT340 Christopher Onomeonga Does the use of animations in mobile applications enhance user satisfaction? N/A Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
11/6 10:15-11:00 1DT340 Saulo Valenzuela Villouta Improving Data Analysis with Semantic Clustering of Words N/A Olle Gällmo
11/6 11:15-12:00 1DT340 Pontus Melin A parallel implementation of spatially distributed stochastic chemical kinetics N/A Stefan Engblom
11/6 13:15-14:00 1DT340 Pontus Ernstedt Avoiding Out-Of-Memory Errors in ThinGC N/A Tobias Wrigstad
11/6 14:15-15:00 1DT340 Sebastian Nödvedt Configuration model view transformations, to support runtime forward/backward compatibility N/A Kjell Orsborn
16/6 9:15-10:00 1DT340 Henrik Siljeströmmer Risks of Internet of Things N/A Lars Oestreicher
16/6 10:15-11:00 1DT340 Björn Berggren Analysing aliasing in Java applications N/A Johannes Borgström
16/6 11:15-12:00 1DT340 Erik Granberg Comparing heap performance in URDME - Stochastic reaction-diffusion simulation on unstructured meshes N/A Stefan Engblom
16/6 13:15-14:00 1DT340 Fredrik Tåkvist Analysis of DTLS Client Implementations Using State Fuzzing N/A Bengt Jonsson
16/6 14:15-15:00 1DT340 Pelle Ingvast Analysis of the online Swedish political discourse N/A Matteo Magnani
18/6 10:15-11:00 1DT340 David Hesselbom Fake video Bokeh with stereoscopic cameras N/A Joakim Lindblad
18/6 11:15-12:00 1DT340 Madelene Alanenpää Gaze detection in human-robot interaction N/A Ginevra Castellano (Giulia Perugia)
18/6 13:15-14:00 1DT340 Emil Bagge Optimering av OCR-rutin N/A Anders Hast
18/6 14:15-15:00 1DT340 Sofia Labba Renmärken som applikation N/A Anders Arweström Jansson
18/6 15:15-16:00 1DT340 Max Gabrielsson How software prefetching affects transactional memory applications with high commit rate N/A Stefanos Kaxiras

Presentations May 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
25/5 9:15-10:00 1DT960 Michael Rehn Eager Garbage Collection of CRDTs on the Web Jonas Norlinder Tobias Wrigstad
25/5 10:15-11:00 1DT960 Markuss Sprogis/ Akram Adinda Automatizing a commercial Machine Learning Pipeline and Model Analysis Melker Forssell/ Gustav Janer Christian Rohner
25/5 11:15-12:00 1DT960 Melker Forssell/ Gustav Janer Product Matching using Image Classification Markuss Sprogis/ Akram Adinda Petter Ranefall
25/5 13:15-14:00 1DT960 Linnea Dahl Designing a crossover user experience between telephony and web Robert Carlsson Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
25/5 14:15-15:00 1DT960 Robert Carlsson Privacy-Preserved Federated learning Linnea Dahl Andreas Hellander

Presentations April 2020

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
28/4 9:15-10:00 1DT960 Jakob Andersson Automatic invoice data extraction as a constraint satisfaction problem Sebastian Lindgren Justin Pearson
28/4 10:15-11:00 1DT960 Sebastian Lindgren Creating and Improving Machine Learning Algorithms for Plant Disease Identification Jakob Andersson Stefan Engblom
28/4 11:15-12:00 1DT960 Anna Westergren Method development of airbag folding for Computer-aided engineering (CAE) Desiree Björkman Justin Pearson
28/4 9:15-10:00 ID 681 5025 2169 1DT340 Robert Rosborg Automatic merging of sequentially recorded movie clips in 360 degrees N/A Ingela Nyström
28/4 10:15-11:00 ID 681 5025 2169 1DT340 Fredrik Larsson Understanding mail communication using temporal text networks N/A Amin Kaveh
28/4 11:15-12:00 ID 681 5025 2169 1DT340 Manfred Wedemalm Learning platform for training critical thinking N/A Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

Presentations March 2020

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
25/3 9:15-10:00 1DT960 Simon Ljus Purging Sensitive Data in Logs Using Machine Learning Fredrik Söderberg Kristiaan Pelckmans
25/3 10:15-11:00 1DT960 Fredrik Söderberg Analyze and improve a route planning algorithm based upon 'Funktionell Vägklass' August Edström Sven-Olof Nyström
25/3 13:15-14:00 1DT960 Nils Björk Basic Landmark identification in real Daniel Hellgren Filip Malmberg
25/3 14:15-15:00 1DT960 Daniel Hellgren Evaluating user driven development Nils Björk Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

Presentations February 2020

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
19/2 10:15-11:00 2345 1DT340 Axel Grönberg Non-volatile main memory: implications on system design and initial experiences N/A Stefanos Kaxiras
19/2 11:15-12:00 2345 1DT340 Daniel Nilsson Artificial intelligence for detecting IoT data intrusions N/A Thiemo Voigt
28/2 10:15-11:00 2344 1DT540 Sarah Ismael Medieval Handwritten Style Recognition Using Deep Learning Adnan Al Baba Ingela Nyström
28/2 11:15-12:00 2344 1DT068 Adnan Al Baba Model-Based ECG Analysis: Towards Patient-Specific Wearable ECG Monitoring Sarah Ismael Hans Rosth

Presentations January 2020

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
24/1 09:15-10:00 2345 1DT960 Anton Källbom Using word embedding techniques for automating account categorizing tasks Moa Marklund Koen Tiels
24/1 10:15-11:00 2345 1DT960 Karolina Nikamo Protection of software by hiding information in video Sara Gustavsson Anca-Juliana Stoica
24/1 11:15-12:00 2345 1DT960 Moa Marklund Developing for who? Designing and evaluating commercial eHealth systems with the end-users' needs in focus Karolina Nikamo Åsa Cajander
27/1 10.15-11.00 1212 1DT340 Eda Kurdoglu Developing personality for a wizard controlled agent Ginerva Castellano
11.15-12.00 1212 1DT340 Mikael Bauer Music from Motion: A Motion-Sensing MIDI Controller as a Musical Instrument Mikael Laaksoharju
28/1 13:15-14:00 1145 1DT960 Sara Gustavsson Anton Källbom Kjell Osborn
31/1 9.15-10:00 2414b 1DT540 Hassan Odimi Efficient input solutions for user interfaces primarily intended for information presentations Sita Vriend Mikael Laaksoharju
31/1 10:15-11:00 2414b 1MD024 Sita Vriend Anomaly detection in dynamic displays Mattias Kronberg Mats Lind
31/1 11:15-12:00 2414b 1MD024 Mattias Kronberg A comparison between contextual inquiry and field usability testing for software re-design Hassan Odimi Mats Lind

Presentations December 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
10/12 13:15-14:00 1345 1DT540 Venkata Sandeep Dasiga Predictive caching of astronomical images Anders Schanche Kristiaan Pelckmans
10/12 14:15-15:00 1345 1DT540 Anders Schanche Geospatial Laboratory Visualization Venkata Sandeep Dasiga Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
12/12 10:15-11:00 2215 1DT960 Patrik Larsson Power grid based measurement aggregation for distributed solar power production with machine learning Christian Törnqvist Andreas Lindholm
12/12 11:15-12:00 2215 1DT540 Christian Törnqvist Evaluating the Importance of Disk-locality for Data Analytics Workloads Patrik Larsson Salman Toor
12/12 13:15-14:00 1211 1DT340 Erik Lövgren Examining, evaluating and proposing methodologies for delivering high quality web-applications effectively

Presentations November 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
22/11 13:15-14:00 1145 DVM-SK Péter Kardos Performance optimization of the online data processing software for a high-energy physics experiment Eirini Petraki Anca Stoica
25/11 15:15-16:00 1213 1DT068 Mona Saleh Sensor Utility Monitoring Eren Yilmaz Edith Ngai
25/11 16:15-17:00 1213 1DT068 Eren Yilmaz Firewall and IDPS concept for Automotive Ethernet Mona Saleh Pontus Ekberg
26/11 10:15-11:00 1345 1DT960 Linnea Gunnarsson Design Space Exploration for Value Prediction in Security Applications Dimitri Gharam Stefanos Kaxiras
27/11 16:15-17:00 1213 1DT540 Eirinia Petraki Explore auto-tuning techniques for a multiversion Decoupled Access-Execute (DAE) paradigm Péter Kardos Alexandra Jimborean
28/11 9:15-10:00 1245 1DT340 Patrik Lagerlöf Shortening Time to Market through Code and Defect Analysis in a Large Project N/A Tobias Wrigstad
28/11 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Love Nordling Evaluation of Generative Neural Networks for Automatic Defect Detection N/A Olle Gällmo
29/11 11:15-12:00 1111 1DT540 Irfan Ali The Adaptation Process for a Customizable E-learning System Linnea Gunnarsson Mats Daniels

Presentations October 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
8/10 11:15-12:00 1211 DVM-SK Jo Gay Structural representation models for multi-modal image registration in biomedical applications Erika Jansson Nataša Sladoje
9/10 9:15-10:00 1245 1DT340 Gabriel Appelkvist Test driven development with Flutter N/A Justin Pearson
9/10 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Fredrik Grape Unlimited seeking during video transcoding N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
9/10 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Alex Wahlandt Entity resolution (ER) from multiple data sets N/A Kjell Orsborn
9/10 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Mika Skjelnes Implementation and Specification of a Simple Polygon Triangulation Algorithm in Isabelle/HOL N/A
10/10 9:15-10:00 1245 DVM-SK Tianhao Zhang Stability analysis of a goal-oriented adaptivity for 2D incompressible flow problems Jo Gay
11/10 13:15-14:00 2446 1DT960 Henrik Forsberg AI - The Swedish Species Information Centre Emil Fröjd Ida-Maria Sintorn
11/10 14:15-15:00 2446 1DT960 Emil Fröjd Applying machine learning to detect structural faults in microscopic images of inserts Henrik Forsberg Ping Wu
28/10 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT560 Anastasiia Stupnikova Predicting Thread and Page Mappings for NUMA sytems Alexandros Patsanis David Black-Schaffer
28/10 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT540 Arnthór Helgi Sverrisson Temperature handler in radios using machine learning Anastasiia Stupnikova Kristiaan Pelckmans
28/10 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT540 Alexandros Patsanis Network Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis with Deep Generative Models Arnthór Helgi Sverrisso Niklas Wahlström

Presentations Sept 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
24/9 15:15-16:00 1345 1DT340 Gustav Fredriksson Topic Modeling in Social Media N/A
24/9 15:15-16:00 6111 1DT960 Dimitri Gharam Machine Learning analysis of text in a Clinical Decision Support System Anna Westergren Robin Strand
25/9 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT340 Lukas Wirne Testbed for AoI aware scheduling policy N/A Per Gunningberg
25/9 10:15-11:00 1345 1DT340 Ricardo Danza Visual Lab Assistant N/A Ingela Nyström
25/9 11:15-12:00 1345 1DT340 Felix Isacsson Designing good healthcare: Improving ulcer monitoring in home care N/A Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
25/9 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT960 Erika Jansson Data-modell representation för icke-programmerare Simon Ljus Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
27/9 10:15-11:00 1345 1DT540 Anusha Venkataraman Title Word segmentation for classification of text Arianna Delsante Michael Ashcroft
27/9 11:15-12:00 1345 1DT540 Arianna Delsante Ultra-Fast Functional Cache Modelling Anusha Venkataraman David-Black-Schaffer
30/9 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT068 Chukwuebuka Louis Onyia Nano-grid for renewable off-grid system Albin Stjerna Mats Ekberg
30/9 11:15-12:00 1211 1DT540 Albin Stjerna Owning Things, Declaratively: Modelling Rust's Reference Ownership in Datalog Chukwuebuka Louis Onyia Tobias Wrigstad

Presentations August 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
19/8 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT540 Lejuan Hu Smart Fault Tracing: Learning with Diagnostic Data for Predicting Vehicle States Linnea Ingmar Michael Ashcroft
19/8 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT540 Johan Oxenstierna VRP with reinforcement learning Lejuan Hu Michael Ashcroft
21/8 15:15-16:00 1213 1DT540 Linnea Ingmar Modelling Diversity of Solutions Johan Oxenstierna Justin Pearson
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
26/8 13:15-14:00 2345 1DT540 Sebastian Grans Simplifying stereo camera calibration with M-arrays Isabelle Enlund Stefan Seipel
26/8 14:15-15:00 2345 1DT068 Faizan Ehsan Elahi Concurrent Internet of things protocol stacks Sebastian Grans Thiemo Voigt
26/8 15:15-16:00 2345 1DT540 Isabelle Enlund Attention P-Net for Segmentation of Post-operative Glioblastoma in MRI Faizan Ehsan Elahi Robin Strand
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
28/8 10:15-11:00 2446 1DT960 Arman Vatandoust Machine Learning for Software Bug Categorization Jonas Nabseth Olle Gällmo

||28/8||11:15-12:00||2446||1DT960||Jonas Nabseth ||Detecting Anomalies in User Communication in an E-commerce Application||Arman Vatandoust||Kristiaan Pelck

Presentations May 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
7/5 09:15 1345 1DOT340 Peter Berglund Evaluation of a data type in a Manufacturing Execution System N/A
28/5 09:15-10:00 1212 1DT540 Ankur Shukla Image Based Flow Path Recognition for Chromatography Equipment Fredrik Sandelin Robin Strand
28/5 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Bengu Erenler Heuristic-based edge/corner detection for overlapping Post-it notes Giovani Santini Ida-Maria Sintorn
28/5 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Giovanni Santini Integration and evaluation of LoRa sensors in GreenIoT Bengu Erenler Thiemo Voigt
29/5 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT340 Samuel Grahn Monads and Category Theory N/A Justin Pearson
29/5 14:15-15:000 1212 1DT340 Hùng Phan Huy Blockchain Based Innovation Reward System N/A Christian Rohner

Presentations June 2029 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
13/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Son Nguyen Security In Web Development N/A Karl Marklund
13/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Nhat Minh Pham Cloud-based solution for microservice system N/A Karl Marklund
14/6 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT340 Viktor Enzell Improving the Performance of a Distributed System by Caching Server Responses N/A Georgios Fakas
14/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Martin Nordmark Optimizing the Process of Handling Road Network Data N/A Parosh Abdulla
14/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Daniel Degirmen Open Hardware: Initial Experiences with Synthesizing Open Cores N/A Alexandra Jimborean
17/6 9:15-10:00 2214 1DT340 Amanda Bergqvist Lexical entrainment to challenging words in human–computer dialogue N/A Ginevra Castellano
17/6 10:15-11:00 2214 1DT340 Grim Moström The Handover process in Radio Access Network Technology and the challenges of Simulation environments in Telecom software N/A Edith Ngai
19/6 13:15-17:00 1212 1DT340 Ardalan Samimi , Alexis Remmers , Joy van den Eijkhof , Kevin Alemi and Ulf Sigvardsson Assorted Programming-Language Related Projects N/A Tobias Wrigstad
24/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT340 Love Waern Cofree Traversable Functors N/A Tjark Weber
24/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT340 Gustav Fredriksson Topic Modeling in Social Media N/A Matteo Magnani
26/6 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT340 Fredrik Jonasson A system for GDPR-compliant collection of social media data: from legal to software requirements N/A Matteo Magnani
26/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Man Dan Ly Text to features for Swedish text N/A Matteo Magnani
26/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT340 Viktor Lindholm Assessment of interactive sunburst diagram for ICD-10 N/A
26/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT340 Love Osslund Clause ordering for efficient SAT search by analyzing clause dependencies N/A Tjark Weber

Presentations June 2019 1TD808/Scientific Computing Masters

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
3/6 9:15-10:00 1212 1TD808 Morten Kettler Possibilities for the implementation of intelligent scheduling in the production line at Scania Olof Björck
3/6 10:15-11:00 1212 TD808 Tuan Anh Dao A stable and accurate hybrid Finite Element – Finite Difference method Morten Kettler
3/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1TD808 Olof Björck Analyzing gyro data based image registration Tuan Anh Dao
11/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1TD708 Francisco José Peralta Alguacil Modelling the Collective Movement of Football Players Tom Menchini Matteo Magnani
11/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1TD708 Gunnar Atli Eggertsson Classification of Seismic Body Wave Phases Using Supervised Learning Johan Windahl Kristiaan Peclkmans
12/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1TD808 André Löfgren Simulating ice flow using FEniCS Gunnar Atli Eggertsson

Presentations June 2019 1MD024

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
3/6 8:15-09:00 2214 1MD024 Isabelle Granlund User centeredness as a practice for the design of digital governments Roisatul Azizah Mats Lind
3/6 9:15-10:00 2214 1MD024 Roisatul Azizah A participatory design approach to designing a playful cultural heritage experience: a case study of the Majapahit sites Isabelle Granlund Mikael Laaksoharju
11/6 10:15-11:00 2214 1MD024 Wenkai Han Perceived Affordances of Interactive Advertising in Mobile Gaming Kutzi Romero Lars Oestreicher
11/6 11:15-12:00 2214 1MD024 Tom Menchini Pattern detection in Brain Signals from Simple Visual Stimuli Julia Benz Kristiaan Pelckmans
11/6 13:15-14:00 2214 1MD024 Julia Benz and Kutzi Romero Designing IT Systems to support the Chronic Wound Treatment Process in Healthcare Wenkai Han Åsa Cajander

Presentations June 2019 1DT540

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
10/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Zijian Qi A study on solutions of migrating data from relational database management system to DynamoDB Diego Castillo Justin Pearson
10/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Diego Castillo VASCO: Developing AI-Crawlers for ML-Blink Zijian Qi Mikael Laaksoharju
10/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Victor Lindvall A Computer-Vision Based Approach for Automated Inspection of Cable Connections Santhosh Nagarajan Natasa Sladoje
10/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT540 Tristan Wright Implementation and Evaluation of a Variety of Image Stitching Methods Victor Lindvall Natasa Sladoje
10/6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT540 Santhosh Nagarajan - SERVERLESS RULE-BASED CHATBOT USING DEEP NEURAL NETWORK Francisco José Peralta Alguacil Carl Nettelblad
11/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Nevine Gouda Service-Metrics Prediction in Clouds using Transfer Learning Mona Mohamed Elamin Salman Toor
11/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT540 Mona Mohamed Elamin Machine Learning for Cloud: Modeling Cluster Health using Usage Parameters Nevine Gouda Carl Nettelblad
11/6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT540 Samuel Gebre Yohannes and Ahmed Bihi Achieving realism in augmented reality - natural occlusion of rendered objects Imad Collin Sebastian Wallkötter and Ginevra Castellano
11/6 16:15-17:00 1212 1DT540 Imad Collin Complex Systems Visualization Samuel Gebre Yohannes and Ahmed Bihi

Presentations June 2019 1DT068

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
12/6 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT068 Anoud Alshnakat Automatic Verification of Embedded System using Horn Clause Solvers Zafer Esen Mohamed Faouzi Atig
12/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT068 Zafer Esen Tobias Mages Philipp Rümmer
12/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT068 Tobias Mages Power analysis and optimization of wireless sensor nodes Anoud Alshnakat Christian Rohner

Presentations June 2019 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
3/6 9:15-10:00 1245 1DT960 Oliver Stein Intelligent Resource Management Joakim Ingnäs Kristiaan Pelckmans
3/6 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT960 Daniel Ghandahari Learning customer preferences for recommending radio channels in a music service Pontus Hilding Kristiaan Pelckmans
3/6 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 Pontus Hilding Maximizing the Informational Gain in Surveys by Making Chatbots more Conversational Daniel Ghandahari Ginevra Castellano
3/6 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT960 Fredrik Sandelin Semantic and Instance Segmentation of Room Features in Floor Plans using Mask R-CNN Kasper Ramström
4/6 9:15-10:00 1245 1DT960 Kasper Ramström Botnet detection on flow data using the reconstruction error from Autoencoders trained on Word2Vec network embeddings Felix Ragnarsson
17/6 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT960 Andreas Leander Intelligence gathering on the internet of things Tom Althin Björn Victor
17/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Tom Althin Prediktiv analys - i människans tjänst Andreas Leander Mats Lind
18/6 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT960 Nicole Tutsch and Joakim Ingnäs Self-Organizing High-Assurance Privacy Ankur Shukla Joachim Parrow
18/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Felix Ragnarsson A portable ECG system for real-time arrhythmia classification Nicole Tutsch
18/6 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT960 Johan Windahl Snarkdetektion i okontrollerade miljöer med hjälp av neurala nätverk för mobila enheter Andre Löfgren Olle Gällmo
18/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Marcus Fröling XSim 2.0 - A new framework to control and present external simulators Markus Norström
18/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT960 Markus Norström Creativity in Consulting Marcus Fröling

Presentations March-April 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
28/3 9:15-10:00 1145 1DT340 Oskar Lindholm An evaluation of automated methods for hate detection N/A Björn Victor
10/4 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Joseph Rogers Effects of an LSTM Composite Prefetcher Gustav Dyrssen
10/4 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Oscar Manuel Castro Otalora Transformation Techniques to Facilitate Hardware Acceleration of Workloads Joseph Rogers
24/4 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT068 Jagadeep Ram G Design and Accelerate Linear Integer System Solver on SoC Martin Frisk Stefanos Kaxiras
24/4 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Martin Frisk Social robot learning with deep reinforcement learning and realistic reward shaping Jagadeep Ram G Olle Gällmo
24/4 14:15-15:00 1146 1TD808 Hamish Darbyshire Di Yuan

Presentations Feb 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
6 Feb 11:15-12:00 2345 HCI Julia Denke Enabling people with motor impairments to get around in 360 video experiences: Concept and prototype of an adaptable control system TBA Lars Oestreicher
25 Feb 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT960 Tony Wang A service for Provisioning Compute Infrastructure in the Cloud Matteo Ghetti Salman Toor
25 Feb 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT540 Martin Kjellin Adapting a Constraint-Based Compiler Tool to a New VLIW Architecture Tony Wang Pierre Flener
25 Feb 15:15-16:00 1213 1DT550 Matteo Ghetti Multi-dimensional Packing for Resource Allocation in 5G Martin Kjellin Di Yuan
28 Feb 13:15-14:00 2345 1DT340 Daniel Ågstrand Prototyp till substansavvänjningsapplikation N/A Mats Lind
28 Feb 14:15-15:00 2345 1DT540 Roger Kalliomäki Real-time object detection for autonomous vehicles using deep neural networks TBA Anca-Juliana Stoica

Presentations Jan 2019

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
21 Jan 16:15-17:00 1145 1DT340 Edvin Wahlberg Framtagningen av användargränssnitt till musikapplikation för musikintresserade N/A Mats Lind
22 Jan 13:15-14:00 1145 1DT960 Mikaela Eriksson Software Engineering using DevOps - a Silver Bullet Tim Kulich Åsa Cajander
22 Jan 14:15-15:00 1145 1DT960 Tim Kulich Indoor navigation using vision-based localization and augmented reality Mikaela Eriksson Stefan Seipel
24 Jan 9:15-10:00 1146 1DT540 Fredrik Heiding How To Create A User Friendly Shopping Experience with 3D Sven Lundgren
24 Jan 10:15-11:00 1146 1DT960 Sven Lundgren Extending Distributed Shared Memory with Transactional Memory Support Fredrik Heiding
30 Jan 9:15 1145 1DT340 Linn Löfquist En webbaserad applikation för övningar inom etisk kompetens N/A Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

Presentations 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Oct 3 12:15-13:00 1245 1TD808 Jonas Radvilas Umaras Bayesian Parametrisation of In Silico Tumour Models TBA Carl Netterblad
Oct 22 16:15-17:00 1211 1DT340 Gustav Rosen Analys av Tabula, en PDF-tabell extraherare N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
Oct 29 15:15-16:00 1213 1DT540 Sujata Tamang Trust Framework Based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts Rahul Setty Björn Victor
Nov 1 13:15-14:00 1311 1DT540 Per Ekemark Application of Daedal in Huawei's Base Station Scheduler Aleksandra Obeso Duque Stefanos Kaxiras/Alexandra Jimborean
Nov 2 9:15-10:00 1213 1DT540 Rahul Setty Sensor-less Smart Waste Management System Sujata Tamang Di Yuan
Nov 7 09:00 1245 1DT960 Carl Boström Store prefetch policies TBA Stefanos Kaxiras
Nov 28 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT540 Nam Nguyen Hai TBA Suraj Murali Matteo Magnani
Nov 28 16:15-17:00 1212 1DT540 Suraj Murali Reinforcement learning for a Hunter and Prey Robot Nam Nguyen Hai
Nov 28 16:30-17:15 1146 1DT340 Patrik Seiron Null Models and Network Rewiring in Temporal Network Clustering N/A
Dec 3 16:15-17:00 1212 1DT340 Carl Wennertorp Hur storlek och position påverkar klickbara mål på mobiltelefoner N/A Mats Lind
Dec 6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT340 Jenny Olsson TBA N/A
Dec 11 10:15-11:00 2345 1DT340 Göran Ahlgren Resursoptimering för restauranger N/A Justin Pearson
Dec 12 11:15-12:00 1145 1DT340 Hampus Falk Analysis and measure development using temporal text networks N/A Matteo Magnani

Presentations 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
4 Sept 10:15-11:00 1406 HCI Ruba Abou Torab and Julio Tapia Creating augmented 360º experiences with focus on people with mobility impairments Alireza Mahzoon Lars Oestreicher
11 Sept 13:15-14:00 1345 HCI Alireza Mahzoon The Thereminic Room Interface - Interfacing a Room sized Instrument for Multiple Players Joel Åstrand and Douglas Fröling Lars Oestreicher
18 Sept 10:15-11:00 1406 1DT540 Aleksandra Obeso Duque Performance prediction for enabling intelligent resource management on big data processing workflows Rahmanu Hermawan Salman Toor
18 Sept 11:15-12:00 1406 1DT540 Milad Taba Utvärdering Av User-Experience Inom ERP Affärssystem Med SAP Fiori Per Ekemark Jonas Moll

1DT540 Presentations Aug 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
20 Aug 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Maximilian Stiefel IOT CONNECTIVITY WITH EDGE COMPUTING Tobias Andersson Thiemo Voigt
28 Aug 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT540 Maria Rajabzadeh Namaghi Implementing a usable web-based interface for databases to improve the efficiency of interacting with them Ilona Asa Mats Lind
28 Aug 10:15-11:00 1345 1DT068 Nils Thorben Weber Satellite Front-End Equipment Based on Consumer Off-The-Shelf Single-Board Computers Michael Wijaya Saputra Leif Gustafsson
30 Aug 11:15-12:00 2446 1DT540 Ilona Asa Understand Customer Problem through Text Categorisation Maria Rajabzadeh Namaghi Christian Rohner
31 Aug 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Michael Wijaya Saputra Water and Fat Image Reconstruction from MRI Raw Multi Coil Data Nils Thorben Weber Robin Strand
31 Aug 14:15-15:00 1345 1DT340 Martin Sellergren Local Geography Educator N/A Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

1DT960 Presentations Aug 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
21 Aug 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT960 Axel Boström Benefits of API Development Sofia Backman
21 Aug 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Sofia Backman Code generation for programming concepts using the UML Composite Structure Diagram Axel Boström Philipp Ruemmer
22 Aug 9:15-10:00 1212 1DT960 Oskar Pederson Implementing and Evaluating the Performance of CRDTs in Encore Sara Back
22 Aug 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Sara Back Autoscaling in geo-distributed clouds Oskar Pederson
22 Aug 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT960 Oscar Sandén Threat Management in Agile Organisations - Using the Results of a Threat Analysis in Agile Software Development Carl Boström | Björn Victor
30 Aug 9:15-10:00 2446 1DT960 Husein Vilic Development And Analisis Of A Low Power Sensor Network For A Parking Garage Application Albin Sundqvist Albin Sundqvist
30 AUg 10:15-11:00 2446 1DT960 Albin Sundqvist Guidelines to Convert Legacy Applications into Docker Container Services Husein Vilic Salman Toor

and Dates 2018 =

Bachelor Presentations June 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
15/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Carlos Saito Evolutive graphics with Linked Data N/A
15/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Mulugeta Zeleke Performance analysis of single page application using React N/A
18/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Édgar Méndez Effective Visualization of Magnetization Dynamics N/A
18/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Erik Edward Comparing Methods of Text Categorization N/A Di Yuan
19/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Joseph Rogers Effects of Thread-Local Tasks Trees in the CHT-MPI C++ Programming Library for the Chunks and Tasks Programming Model N/A
19/6 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT340 Havermark, Joel Bit-vector approximations of floating-point arithmetics N/A Philipp Rümmer
19/6 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT340 Magnusson, Jesper Guiding local search using approximations N/A Philipp Rümmer
20/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT340 Filip Normann Test case selection based on code changes N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
20/6 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT340 Christoffer Hedén Gravås N/A Mats Lind
27/6 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT340 Elsa Slattegard Stochastic blockmodeling with temporal dirichlet process for temporal network clustering N/A Matteo Magnani

Master Presentation June 2018

For 1DT960 and HCI/MDI presentations please see below.

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
7/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT068 Arnav Jain Automated Testing of HVDC Control & Protection Systems Bassem Farag Bengt Jonsson
7/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT068 Bassem Farag High voltage DC spark detection model Arnav Jain Steffi Knorn
7/6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT068 Rahmanu Hermawan Dancing with Theremins Milad Taba Pontus Ekberg
12/6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT440 Miel Verkerken 'Monitoring Financial Transactions: Efficient Algorithms for Streaming Data Erik Valldor
12/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Erik Valldor Detection of People in Infrared Images using Deep Learning Miel Verkerken
15/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Philip Lanaras Towards reducing data latency from storage systems to GPUs for Deep Learning Applications David Escher Alexandra Jimborean
15/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT550 David Escher Offline Avionics Scheduling Subproblem using Decomposition Methods Philip Lanaras Pierre Flener
18/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Abdulghani Ismail Zubeir OAP: An efficient online Principal component analysis algorithms for streaming EEG data Vlad Draghici Kristiaan Pelckmans
21/6 13:15-14:00 1212 ISM Pouya Ashraf Improving Spatial Sound Capturing on Mobile Devices Through Fusion of Inertial Measurement Data TBA
21/6 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT540 Vlad Draghici Responsive GUI framework in Lua Abdulghani Ismail Zubeir Johannes Borgström
2/7 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Narges Rajabnezhad Prediction for Price Optimization

HCI/MDI Presentations June 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
11/6 13:15-14:00 1212 HCI/MDI Sara Carlson Modeling digitalization’s impact on intensive care nursing: a work domain analysis Qian Lu
11/6 14:15-15:00 1212 HCI/MDI Qian Lu Feasibility Study of a "Smart" Aid for the Visually Impaired and Blind's Independent Mobility in Outdoor Environments Elin Parsjö
18/6 9:15-10:00 1213 HCI/MDI Jezyna Domanska TBA Darren Lehane
18/6 10:15-11:00 1213 HCI/MDI Darren Lehane TBA Jezyna Domanska

1DT960 Presentations June 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
5/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Daniel Ekbom Utmaningar för ERP on Demand - För ERP-leverantörer och fokus på Monitor ERP System Alexander Lind Andreas Hellander
5/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT960 Douglas Fröling Developing a User-Centered Information Radiator Anna Normark Mats Lind
7/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Viktor Ståhl Localising and Reconstructing Drill Holes in 3D Objects using Machine Learning Jonas Karlsson Dave Zachariah
11/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Jonas Karlsson Auditory Classification of Cars by Deep Neural Networks Viktor Ståhl Steffi Knorn
12/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Linnar Ekendahl Billman and Johan Hullberg Speech Reading with Deep Neural Networks Pouya Ashraf Kristiaan Pelckmans
12/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT960 Alexander Lind Maintaining Security and Improving Usability through Software Modernisation Linnar Ekendahl Billman Björn Victor
19/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Anna Larsson Building a user interface with MATLAB GUIDE for MRI data volumes in Imiomics Oliver Stein Joel Kullberg
20/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Tobias Andersson and Joel Åstrand Utveckling av en applikation med syfte att öka fysisk aktivitet bland anställda Daniel Ekbom Mikael Laaksoharju
21/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT960 Elin Parsjö Gamification of Education in Starting a Business: A Survey of Support for new Entrepreneurs Johan Hullberg Anders Jansson

Presentations May 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
9/5 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT068 George Daglaridis The title is Radio Link Quality in Backscatter Communication Konstantinos Dimitrakopoulos Thiemo Voigt
17/5 11:15-12:00 2446 1DT960 Anna Normark and Rebecca Oskarsson Individualizing Without Excluding: Ethical And Technical Challenges - Filter Bubbles and their Effects on Society Pontus Hallden
23/5 13:15-14:00 2344 DVM-SK Magnus Ulimoen A high-resolution finite difference method for weather and climate models Regina Marie Kelly Ken Mattsson
24/5 15:15-16:00 1211 1DT068 Elmar van rijnswou Vicinity Integrated Circuit Card Emulation of ISO15693 in NFC Devices Mikael Holmberg Stefanos Kaxiras
25/5 13:15-14:00 TBA 1DT340 Kristoffer Smedlund Enhancing the security of an audit log N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
30/5 13:15-14:00 2344 HCI/MDI Alexnadra Kandler Lina Andersson
30/5 14:15-15:00 2344 HCI/MDI Lina Andersson Alexandra Kandler
2/5 13:15-14:00 1213 Shirin Pourmoshir 1DT550 An Aerial Image Registration Tool Anna Larson Lars Oestreicher
2/5 14:15-15:00 1213 Martino Pilia 1DT540 Groupwise whole-body MR image registration guided by zero average volume changes Shirin Pourmoshir Robin Strand
3/5 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 Pontus Hallden and Mikael Holmberg Machine learning for restaurant sales forecast Rebecca Oskarsson Johannes Borgstrom

Presentations April 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
20/4 14:30-15:15 1311 HCI/MDI Anton Björsell Evaluating Supportive Forms for Physicians Sara Carlson
24/4 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT340 Per Engström Interacting Particle Inference for Probabilistic Programing in Haskell N/A Johannes Borgström

Presentations March 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
27/03 10:15-11:00 1311 1DT340 Oliver Campeau N/A Mats Lind
27/03 13:15-14:00 1311 SCM Sebastián Bas Kana Automatic landmark-localization in digital images of Drosophila wings for improved morphometric analysis David Ryman Natasa Sladoje
27/03 14:15-15:00 1311 SCM Viktor Wase High-Thrust Interplanetary Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization Using Cuda Sebastián Bas Kana Stefanos Kaxiras
28/03 10:15-11:00 1311 1DT960 David Ryman A Metric for Humanly Visible Differences in Light Reflection Models Martino Pilia Filip Malmberg

Presentations February 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
27/2 14:15-15:00 1146 1DT540 Johan Snider Modeling Region Granularity of the D2M Memory System Mahmoud Maleki David Black-Schaffer
7/3 15:15-16:00 1146 1DT068 Mahmoud Maleki Distributed device synchronization Oscar Manuel Castro Otalora Johannes Borgström
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
1/2 15:15-16:00 1145 1DT540 Alexander Ek Automatic Predicate Encapsulation of Potentially Presolvable Subproblems in MiniZinc Pierre Flener

Presentations January 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
22/01 13:15-14:00 2215 DVM-SK Rok Lapuh Mesh Morphing Technique used with Open-Source CFD Toolbox in Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation
29/01 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT068 Chen Zhe Hardware Accelerator of Matrix Multiplication on FPGA Sami Kaivonen Stefanos Kaxiras
29/01 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Sami Kaivonen DEPLOYMENT AND USAGE OF THE PORTABLE SENSOR IN GREENIOT PROJECT Alexander Ek Christian Rohner
29/01 13:15-14:00 2244 1DT340 Micael Loberg Algebraic data types in Encore: reconciling objection-oriented and functional N/A TBA
29/01 14:15-15:00 2244 1DT340 Patric Lind Evaluation of IBM Bluemix (PaaS) auto-scaling service for microservices N/A Salmon Toor
30/01 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 Johan Carlquist Evaluating the use of ICN for Internet of things Joakim Nyman Edith Ngai
30/01 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT960 Joakim Nyman Pixel classification of hyperspectral images Johan Carlquist Johannes Borgström

Presentations November 2017

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
2017 - 27/11 10:15-11:00 2345 1DT068 George Thomas Extraction of Bone Density Microwave Sensor based Follow up Parameters from Post Craniotomy and Lower Extremity Trauma Rehabilitation Measurements TBA Robin Augustine
2017 - 27/11 13:15-14:00 2345 1DT068 Xiao Yu Evaluation of test vector quality for hybrid systems Zhe Chen Bengt Jonsson
2017 - 27/11 14:15-15:00 2345 1DT340 Jepser Niemi Evaluating and comparing tools for generating PDF files N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
2017 - 29/11 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT340 Johan Oxenstierna Predicting house prices using Ensemble Learning with Cluster Aggregations N/A Kristiaan Pelckmans
2017 - 5/12 13:15-14:00 2446 DVM-SK Edmond Shehadi Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow Over a Backward-Facing Step TBA TBA

Presentations October 2017

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
2017 - 23/10 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT068 Eric Wang An Urban Mobility Overlay for Evaluating Cellular Driven Vehicle Teleoperation Filip Hedman Edith Ngai
2017 - 23/10 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT068 Martin Lindstrom Evaluation, Analysis and testing of a real-time executive portation Eric Wang Philipp Rümmer
2017 - 24/10 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Filip Hedman Machine Learning For Automated Categorization of Product Articles Xiao Yu Kristiaan Pelckmans
2017 - 24/10 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Jessica Hillert A comparison of the capability systems of Encore, Pony and Rust N/A Dave Clarke
2017 - 26/10 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Anders Gärdenäs Denoising and renoising of video for compression Viktor Palerius Natasa Sladoje
2017 - 26/10 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT960 Viktor Palerius Affect analysis for text dialogue in movies Anders Gärdenäs Kristiaan Pelckmans
2017 - 26/10 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Jimmy Helmersson and Johan Gille High Performance Implementation of Winner Selection Algorithms, Andreas Gäwerth David Black-Schaffer
2017 - 26/10 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT960 Andreas Gäwerth Embedded Wireless Communication: Connectivity of a smartphone with Bluetooth LE and UWB devices Jimmy Helmersson and Johan Gille Steffi Knorn

Presentations September 2017

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
27/9 11:15-12:00 1113 1DT340 Robert Markovski A Source-to-Source Transformer for QD-locking N/A Konstantinos Sagonas
27/9 13:15-14:00 1111 1DT960 Adam Olevall and Mathieu Fuchs Indoor Navigation System And Personal Tracking System Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons Adamsson, Hampus Edith Ngai
27/9 14:15-15:00 1111 1DT960 Anders Ohlsson Evaluating Security Aspects of Linux Containers Adam Olevall Tjark Weber
27/9 15:15-16:00 1111 1DT068 Khair Ghazie Evaluating An Interactive Troubleshooting System for Heavy Vehicles with Limited Historical Data
28/9 09:15-10:00 1213 1DT960 Adamsson, Hampus Darknet advertisement classification Mathieu Fuchs Kristiaan Pelckmans
28/9 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT340 Albin Stjerna Medium Data o Big Data: Predicting Disk Failures in CERN’s NetApp-based Data Storage System N/A
28/9 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT068 Christoph Ellmer OpenThread vs. Contiki IPv6:An Experimental Evaluation Derrick Alabi Thiemo Voigt
28/9 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT068 Derrick Alabi Energy-Aware Task Scheduling in Contiki Khair Ghazie Thiemo Voigt
28/9 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT068 Oliver Harms TBA Theodosios Malatestas Christian Rohner
28/9 15:15-16:00 1213 1DT068 Theodosios Malatestas Migrating IoT Applications to the Fog Oliver Harms Per Gunningberg

Presentations Aug 2017

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
23/8 9:15-10:00 2446 1DT960 Linus Eriksson Performance Evaluation of IEC 61850-90-5 over LTE Anders Ohlsson Tomas Olofsson
23/8 10:15-11:00 2446 1DT340 Isabell Enlund Mobility-based Key Sharing Using Visible Light Communication N/A Christian Rohner
23/8 11:15-12:00 2446 1DT540 Adrian Amigues DOM element targeting through heuristic algorithms Teymur Ali Lars Oestreicher
24/8 10:15-11:00 2347 1DT540 Desislava Stoyanova ANN for Optimization on Large-Scale Structural Acoustics Models Adithya Ravindran Maya Neytcheva
24/8 11:15-12:00 2347 1DT540 Georgios Ziogas Classifying Hand-written Chinese Characters using Convolutional Neural Networks Georgios-Theodoros Daglaridis Michael Ashcroft
24/8 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT540 Wenting Jin Feedback Compilation for Decoupled Access-Execute Techniques Desislava Stoyanova Alexandra Jimborean
24/8 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT540 Teymur Ali Automatic interpretation of lung CT volume images Tim Weidner Robin Strand
29/8 13:15-14:00 2347 1DT340 Erik Österberg Profiling memory accesses on the ODROID-XU4 N/A Alexandra Jimborean
29/8 14:00-14:45 2347 1DT540 Mikael Dubik A comparative evaluation of state-of-the-art community detection algorithms for multiplex networks Johan Snider Matteo Magnani
29/8 15:15-16:00 2347 1DT560 Tim Weidner Investigating the Scalability of Direct-to-Master Caches Christoph Ellmer David Black-Schaffer
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
30/5 13:15-14:00 1146 1MD024 Marcus Henricsson Cognitive Work Analysis: Investigating Social Aspects of Work with a Decision Support System Eric Stenberg Anders Jansson
30/5 14:15-15:00 1146 1DT540 Andreas Scherman TBA Mikael Östlund
1/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT540 Mikael Östlund Implementation and Evaluation of a Propagator for Diffn in Gecode Andreas Scherman Pierre Flener

Bachelor Presentations

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
7/6 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Max Reeves Implementing GLib Collection Types in the Giraffe Library N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
7/6 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT340 Katarina Lejonlid Interaction design of user supplied data - in health care systems N/A Mats Lind
8/6 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 David Escher Parallel Performance Comparison between Encore and OpenMP using Pedestrian Simulation N/A Alexandra Jimborean
8/6 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Karl-Johan Leuchowius Classification of High Content Screening Data by Convolutional Neural Networks N/A Carolina Wählby
8/6 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Johan Lejdung System and database design for a research application to diagnostic laser-doppler instruments N/A Lars-Åke Nordén
8/6 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT340 Kristofer Sundequist An evaluation of random-walk based clustering of multiplex networks N/A Matteo Magnani
9/6 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT340 Felix Dellner TBA N/A Sverker Holmgren
13/6 10:15-12, 13:15-15:00 1245 1DT340 Josef Hansson ,Erik Fransson, Noa Herngren ,Joel Westlund, Jonas Olander, Sahand Shamal Taher Projects around Encore N/A Tobias Wrigstad
14/6 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Daniel Ahlbom Evaluation of Quadratic Programming Models in Strategic Sourcing Optimisation N/A Di Yuan
14/6 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Andre Le Blanc Compliation for Energy Efficient Hardware N/A Trevor Carlson
14/6 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Jonatan Sjölin Om studenters engagemang i datavetenskap N/A Anna Eckerdal
14/6 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT340 Simon Lövgren Simulating Energy-Efficient Hardware: The Software Out-of-order Processor N/A Trevor Carlson
20/6 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Erik Melander Study of Bandwidth Partitioning for Co-executing GPU Kernels N/A Andra-Ecaterina Hugo
20/6 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Karl Johansson Semantic analysis to improve categorization of string clusters N/A Stefanos Kaxiras
20/6 15:15-16:00 1245 1DT340 Sebastian Rautila Evaluating performance of SMT solvers for the 2015 SMT competition N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson


Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
8/6 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT960 Jonas Nilson Advanced inter-picture prediction for video compression Erik Lindberg Lars-Henrik Eriksson
9/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT960 Andrew Aziz Customer Segmentation based on Behavioural Data in E-marketplace Felix Färjsjö Kristiaan Pelckmans
9/6 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT960 Erik Lindberg Red Teaming and Adversary Approaches to Defeat Contemporary and Future Security Threats Towards Swedish Organizations and Society Jonas Nilson Tjark Weber
12/6 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT960 Mathew Clegg Scheduling Network Performance Monitoring In The Cloud Niklas Åholm Andreas Hellander
13/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT960 Niklas Åholm Fault detection for monitoring a web application Mathew Clegg Kristiaan Pelckmans
13/6 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT960 Max Wijnbladh Experimental Study: Link-Quality Estimations in a City-Deployed Wireless Sensor Network Linus Eriksson and Andreas Herman Per Gunningberg
14/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT960 Joakim Nilsson Nyttovärdering av nationell Elektronisk remiss Maria Svensson Bengt Sanblad
14/6 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT960 Ludwing Franquiz Ansvarsområden och utmaningar för produktägare och Scrum-mästare Joakim Nilsson Bengt Sanblad
19/6 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT960 Adam Ruul User-Oriented Community Detection in Large Node-Attributed Networks Elias Lundeqvist Michael Ashcroft
19/6 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT960 Maria Svensson and Elias Lundeqvist Author profiling: A machine learning approach towards detecting gender, age and native language of users in social media Erik Engervall Michael Ashcroft
20/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT960 Erik Engervall Experimental bounce rate analysis in a peer-to-peer marketplace Adam Ruul Mats Lind

1DT540, 1DT068, 1MD024

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
12/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1MD024 Laura Wiegand and Lexi Li Xiwen TBA Mostafa Danaei and Yared Habte Yohanes Mats Lind
12/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1MD024 Vilhelm Östberg Oh Web Accessibility where art thou? Marcus Henricsson Lars Oestreicher
13/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1MD024 Mostafa Danaei and Yared Habte Yohanes Presentation of criteria in the choice of user-testing method, with the focus on mobile applications in the field of healthcare Laura Wiegand and Lexi Li Xiwen Jonas Moll
13/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1MD024 Mike Osmand Loydd Empowering Healthcare Professionals to Query and Analyse Patient Cohorts in Clinical Decision Making Pavel Okopnyi Mats Lind
15/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Andreas Herman Visualizing Deep Learning Facial Important Areas for Verification Through Exposure To Artificial Noise Max Wijnbladh Olle Gällmo
15/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Pavel Okopnyi Supporting communication and cooperation in learning: the case of Data Science Minor Mike Osmand Loydd Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
15/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT068 Filza Saleem A data acquisition board firmware for pellet tracking system Vilhelm Östberg TBA
20/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Adithya Ravindran Implementation of handwritten text recognition using density value of Delauney tessellation and by using Naive Bayesian classifier with probability estimates from Delauney tessellation field estimation John Tunell Michael Ashcroft
20/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Adriana Devera Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) applied to a collaboration platform TBA Mats Daniels
20/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 John Tunell Classification of offensive game-emblem drawings using CNN (convolutional neural networks) and transfer learning. Filza Saleem Anders Brun
20/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT540 Aleksander Okonski GROOT: Infrastructure Security as a Service (ISaaS) Mikael Dubik Björn Victor
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
17/5 10:11-11:00 1211 1TD960 Christian Lindqvist Comparing SIFT and SURF: performance on patent drawings Tim Josefsson Ida-Maria Sintorn
17/5 11:15-12:30 1211 1TD960 Eric Stenberg and Felix Färjsjö Ensuring continous security in the cloud and complying with GDPR Babak Toghiani-Rizi Andreas Hellander
17/5 13:30-14:15 1211 1TD960 Tim Josefsson Root-cause analysis through machine learning in the cloud Christian Lindqvist Salman Toor
19/5 10:30-11:15 1345 1DT340 Linnea Ingmar Implementation and Evaluation of a Compact-Table Propagator in Gecode N/A Pierre Flener
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
26/4 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT340 Björkenvall, Anton TBA N/A Tjark Weber
26/4 11:15-11:00 1211 1DT340 Christian Törnqvist Patterns in Lock-Free Programs N/A Tobias Wrigstad
27/4 11:15-12:00 1211 1TD808 Zahra Rabiei Identifying intended and unintended errors in financial transactions: a case study Jesper Hansson Falkenby Kristiaan Pelckmans
27/4 13:15-14:00 1211 1DT540 Jesper Hansson Falkenby Debugging Tool for a Distributed Streaming Application Zahra Rabiei Aletta Nylén
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
23/3 10:15-11:00 2446 1DT540 Premathas Somasekaram A Component-based Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Framework Eleftherios Anagnostopoulos Christian Rohner
23/3 11:15-12:00 2446 1DT540 Eleftherios Anagnostopoulos Bus Scheduling including Dynamic Events Premathas Somasekaram Tjark Weber
24/3 11:15-12:00 1111 1DT540 Shirazi Fatemeh and Chao Cai Linked Data Search and Browse Application Marcus Windmark Tore Risch
24/3 13:15-14:00 2446 1DT068 Shardul Solapure Mobile platform for quantification of oculomotor dynamics Shirazi Fatemeh and Chao Cai Alexander Medvedev
24/3 14:15-15:00 2446 1DT340 Andrea Rylander Molntjänser: Kunskap, förväntningar och verklighet N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
16/2 14:15-15:00 1311 1DT960 Marcus Windmark Evaluating Anomaly Detection Algorithms in Power Consumption Data Erik Gustafsson Kjell Orsborn
17/2 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT960 Sernheim, Mikael Experimental Study on Classifier Design and Text Feature Extraction for Short Text Classification Fredrik Mäkilä Kristiaan Pelckmans
17/2 13:15-14:00 2446 1DT540 Erik Gustafsson System Dynamics Statistics (SDS) A Statistical Tool for Stochastic System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Sernheim, Mikael Bengt Carlsson
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
26/1 13:15-14:00 1211 1DT340 Milad Taba Alternative Keyboard Input In a Digitalized Trauma Journal N/A Mikael Laaksoharju
26/1 14:15 -15:00 1211 1DT340 Ferhat Bahceci Parallel Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR's) analyzing and processing using a scalable cluster compute framework N/A
27/1 10:15-11:00 2214 1DT960 Mäkilä, Fredrik Caries - A Comparative Relationship Visualizer. Andrew Aziz Kjell Orsbjorn
27/1 14:15-15:00 2446 1DT340 Andreas Rubensson Visualization of Music Designed for Children with Severe Disabilities N/A Mats Lind

Presentations and dates 2016

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
9/12 2016 10:15-11:00 1111 1DT960 Babak Toghiani-Rizi Using Deep Learning to Generate Artificial Intelligence in Synthetic Actors Hannes Karlbom Michael Ashcroft
13/12 2016 13:15-14:00 1211 1TD808 Sigurður Geirsson Parallel Bayesian Additive Regression Trees, using Apache Spark Fredrik Kjellgren Salman Toor
13/12 2016 14:15-15:00 1211 1DT540 Eric Dinga Special design requirements for people with Parkinson and Epilepsy Jasmin Laroche Lars Oestreicher
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
16/11 10:15-11:00 1111 1DT960 Fredrik Kjellgren Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Classification of Fluent Speech Phone Calls George Petrousis TBA
16/11 11:15-12:00 1111 1DT540 George Petrousis Evaluation Evaluation and Understanding of Decoupled Access Execute on New Platforms and Applications Wenting Jin.
17/11 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT540 Shen Huijie and Huang Tingwei Spark on HPC for compute-intensive applications using Monte Carlo method: a performance comparison with MPI on HPC Madhuri Pullambaku and Tashi Tsering Sverker Holmgren
17/11 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Madhuri Pullambaku and Tashi Tsering Multi-user based educational Ename 1290 game using Microsoft Kinect and Unity Shen Huijie and Huang Tingwei TBA
17/11 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 Marcus Lofvars Anomaly detection with Google Analytics real-time API Adrian Amigues Kjell Orsborn
17/11 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT540 Sander Cox Modeling of drug effect in general closed-loop anesthesia Ludwing Franquiz TBA
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
26/10 10:15-11:00 2446 1DT540 Christopher Hollmann Coding of Guiding Data for Video Transcoding Amini, Homa Philipp Rümmer
26/10 11:15-12:00 2446 1DT068 Asad Hameed Development of microwave sensor and Android application for monitoring long bone defects Shardul Solapure TBA
26/10 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT340 Filip Hedman Improved Visualization of Rock Carvings N/A TBA
27/10 13:15-14:00 1211 1DT550 Amini, Homa Evaluation of a New Aligner for Ultra-short Ancient DNA Asad Hameed Ola Spjuth
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
28/9 9:15-10:00 1146 1DT960 Eriksson, Eddie Optimizin emerging worklods for performance and energy Aron Rindstedt Erik Hagersten
28/9 10:15-11:00 1146 1DT960 Viktor Bostrand and Andreas Lelli React Native and Native Development - A Comparative Study Eriksson, Eddie Justin Pearson
28/9 11:15-12:00 1146 1DT960 Malin Lundberg Evaluation of a backend for computer games using PaaS Viktor Bostrand Justin Pearson
28/9 13:15-14:00 2446 1DT068 Shanmugan, Karthikeyan Simulation Model Development of Vehicle Dynamics - Brakes Bimpikas, Vasileios Alexander Medvedev
28/9 14:15-15:00 2446 1TD808 Aron Rindstedt High Order finite difference methods for the wave equation with T-junction grid interfaces Viktor Wase Gunilla Kreiss
30/9 10:15-11:00 1311 1DT068 Bimpikas, Vasileios Automatic 3-axis component placement system for mixed technology PCBs Shanmugan, Karthikeyan Alexander Medvedev
30/9 11:15-12:00 1311 1DT540 Kominos Charalampos Performance analysis of different virtualization architectures using OpenStack Ilyass Garara Salman Toor
30/9 13:15-14:00 1311 1DT540 Jasmin Laroche Business Intelligence application for CAD/PDM Solutions Sander Cox Lars Oestreicher
30/9 14:15-15:00 1311 1DT340 Elin Swedin Usability evaluation of vector graphic editors N/A Anders Jansson
30/9 15:15 - 16:00 1311 1DT540 Ilyass Garara Touristic Scheduler Using a Multi-Layered Map Kominos Charalampos Edith Ngai
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Aug 24 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT960 Jonas Samuelsson Anomaly Detection in Console Logs Eric Arnerlöv
Aug 24 11:15-12:00 1211 1DT540 Ziring Tawfique Texture perception using machine learning Martin Håstad Dave Zachariah
Aug 24 13:00-13:45 1211 1DT540 Martin Håstad Exploration and evaluation of different sessionization methods Preechakorn Torruangwatthana Matteo Magnani
Aug 24 14:15-15:00 1211 1DT540 Preechakorn Torruangwatthana S3DA: A Stream-based Solution for Scalable Data Analysis Malin Lundberg Andreas Hellander
Aug 24 15:15-16:40 1211 1DT540 Victor Morel Generating co-evolutionary polarized opinion networks Ismail Elouafiq
Aug 24 15:15-16:40 1211 1DT540 Ismail Elouafiq Implementation and Simulation Study of Methods for the Evolution of Interdependent Networks Victor Morel
Aug 26 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Manuel Cherep A Methodology For Applying Concolic Testin (in Erlang Appplications) N/A Justin Pearson
Aug 26 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Erik Englund Defining new boundaries in QGIS based on existing definitions N/A Anders Hast
Aug 26 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Ahlén Oscar Textklassificering av läkemedelshandlingar med hjälp av maskininlärning N/A Sofia Cassel
Aug 26 14:15-15:00 1245 Nicholas Got TBA Jonas Samuelsson Pierre Flener
Aug 30 10:15-11:00 1213 Satrya Rudana Andreas Lelli Justin Pearson
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 8 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Michelle Brundin Data Stream Queries to Apache SPARK Virakraingsei Hai Socheat Tore Risch
June 8 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Anton Weber Decoupled Access-Execute on ARM big.LITTLE Davide Berdin Alexandra Jimbore
June 8 13:15-14:00 1212 O1DT540 Virakraingsei Hai Socheat Automatic and scalable cloud framework for parametric studies using scientific applications Michelle Brundin Salman Toor
June 8 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT068 Estuardo Garcia Sharing Location-Based Keys Using Visible Light Communication Vasileios Filos Thiemo Voigt
June 15 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT540 Daniel Llatas Spiers Facial emotion detection using deep learning Ziring Tawfique
June 15 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Malin Lindvall and Stavros Mavrakis Web-Based Interactive Math Learning Environment for Secondary Education Petra Söderlund and Diane Golay Lars Oestreicher
June 15 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Alieu Jallow CLOUD-METRIC: A Cost Effective Application Development Framework for Cloud Infrastructures Yonatan Kebede Sverker Holmgren
June 15 14:15-15:00 1212 Only 1DT540 Yonatan Kebede Internet of Things - Large scale, machine generated data load using Apache NiFi Alieu Jallow Matteo Magnani

1DT340 Presentations

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 8 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT540 Davide Berdin PARLA: mobile application for English pronunciation. A supervised machine learning approach. Anton Weber Olle Gällmo
June 8 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT340 Andreas Scherman Early evaluation of branches via decoupled access-execute to enable super-block optimizations N/A Stefanos Kaxiras
June 8 13:15-14:00 1213 O1DT340 Anna Nilsson Archeological Density Estimation in Ostlinken N/A Michael Ashcroft
June 8 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT340 Yuhao Li Multiclassed Density Estimation Analysis in N-Dimensional Space featuring Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimation N/A
June 10th 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT340 Mikael Östlund Benchmarking Parallelism and Concurrency in the Encore Programming Language Tobias Wrigstad
June 10 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT340 Mikael Mollbergs TBA N/A Lars-Åke Nordén
June 10 13:15-14:00 1213 Only 1DT340 Nils Hörnström A Web Application for Measuring Customer Satisfaction N/A Justin Pearson
June 10 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT340 Hannes Karlbom Hybrid Machine Translation - Choosing the best translation with Support Vector Machine N/A Olle Gällmo (Justin Pearson)

1DT960 and 1DT942 Presentations

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 2 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT960 Eric Arnerlöv EDF job Scheduling in L4 Christopher Hollmann Kai Lampka
June 2 15:15-16:00 1212 Only 1DT960 Simon Evertsson Charalampos Georgiadis Tore Risch
June 10 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT942 Yang Yang A CAN Bus data wrapper N/A Tore Risch
June 15 11:15-12:00 1213 Only 1DT960 Stina Richard and Tilda Pentikäinen Hur man förenklar programmeringen av samarbetsrobotar: Visualisering av arbetsflödet för en surfplatta Johanna Löfvenberg Mats Lind

1MD024, 1MD0440 Presentations

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 7 10:15-11:00 1245 Only 1MD024, 1MD440 Jess Brewster Can a diary, rats and a magical walkie-talkie help teach children about source criticism? Ivar Särner
June 7 11:15-12:00 1245 Only 1MD024, 1MD440 Ivar Särner R.A.T.S. - Recreating A Terrifying Scene: using educational games to teach facts Jess Brewster
June 7 14:15-15:00 1245 Only 1MD024, 1MD440 Johanna Löfvenberg Poietic design: Heuristics and applications that deal with intuition, transparency, and autonomous thinking in user interface design Stina Richard Anders Jansson
June 15 10:15-11:00 1245 Only 1MD024, 1MD440 Petra Söderlund and Diane Golay Computerized data entry and display in trauma resuscitation: a case study Benjamin Langlotz & Malin Lindvall Mikael Laaksoharju
June 15 11:15-12:00 1245 1MD024 Mariana Kapari Usability,accessibility and responsive web design utilizing Google Maps API Giorgos Ziogas Mikael Laaksoharju
June 15 13:15-14:00 1245 1MD024 Tom Fledderus A case study: creating a usable web GIS for non-expert users Marin Mikulic Mats Lind

Special presentation slot only by special request

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 9 14:15-16:00 1212 1DT540 Sepehr Forouzani Using social media and machine learning to predict financial performance of a company Léo Figea Lisa Kaati
June 9 14:15-16:00 1212 1DT540 Léo Figea Machine Learning for Affect Analysis on White Supremacy Forum Sepehr Forouzani Lisa Kaati
June 13 13:15-14:00 1245 Kevin Montalva Minguet Online Learning Techniques for Neural Translation Systems N/A Justin Pearson
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 16 10:15-11:00 1113 1DT340 Henrik Sommerland An implementation of the vat programming abstraction N/A Tobias Wrigstad
June 16 11:15-12:00 1113 1MD024 Marin Mikulic The effects of push vs. pull notifications on overall smartphone usage and frequency of usage Tom Fledderus Mats Lind
June 16 13:15-14:00 1113 Charalampos Georgiadis An evaluation and performance comparison of different approaches for data stream processing Simon Evertsson Salman Toor
June 16 14:15-15:00 1113 1DT540 Jonatan Moritz Bluetooth Low Energy, närhet, avstånd och inomhuspositionering Sverrir Thorgeirsson Christian Rohner
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 17 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT540 Sverrir Thorgeirsson Adaptive Metropolis-within-Gibbs for Bayesian parameter estimation in Ecolego Jonatan Moritz Michael Ashcroft
June 17 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Per Ekemark Static Multi-Versioning for Efficient Prefetching N/A David Black-Schaffer
June 17 13:15-14:00 1245 1MD024 Benjamin Langlotz Uses of a Wireless Login Method with NFC and Bluetooth Tilda Pentikäinen & Stavros Mavrakis Lars Oestreicher
June 17 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT068 Jiheng Chen and Vasileios Filos A Timing and Fast Control Demonstrator Estuardo Garcia Pawel Marciniewski
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
May 24 10:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Max Block Pre-Runtime Scheduling of an Avionics System Jip Dekker
May 24 10:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Jip Dekker Subproblem Pre-solving in MiniZinc Max Block
May 25 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Ali Jalil Medic Reminder N/A Bengt Sandblad
May 25 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 Joakim Antus Designing and implementing a fault tolerant N-plexing Li Hao Tjark Weber
May 25 14:15-15:00 1245 TBA Li Hao The System Design of Mobile Application Crawler and The Implementation of Some Key Technologies Joakim Antus Edith Ngai
May 25 15:15-16:00 1245 TBA Yongjae Jon Adaptive sampling in Wireless Sensor Networks for air monitoring system Daniel Llatas Spiers Edith Ngai
May 26 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Alexander Ek Explanation of Counterexamples in Context of Formal Verification N/A Bengt Jonsson
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
April 29 14:15 - 15:00 1245 1DT540 Gustav Björdal Unbounded String Variables for Constraint-Based Local Search Nadia Röning Pierre Flener
May 2 14:30-15:15 1146 1DT068 Siddharth Shukla Embedded Security for Vehicles "ECU Hacking" Estuardo Garcia Christian Rohner
March 24 10:30-11:00 1245 1DT340 Patrik Broman Tuple datatypes in Gecode N/A Pierre Flener
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
April 20 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT960 Jonathan Sharyari Algorithmic analysis of channel machines using small models. Lukas Klingsbo TBA
April 20 11:15-12:00 1211 1DT540 Nadia Röning Special interest communities, design for online growth Mariana Kapari Mikael Laaksoharju
April 20 13:15-14:00 1211 1DT540 Lukas Klingsbo Providing Access Control in Content Distribution Networks Gustav Björdal Johannes Borgström
April 20 14:15-15:00 1211
April 21 10:15-11:00 1111 1DT340 Mikael Svärdström Lättanvänd registrering av föreningsmedlemmars aktviteter N/A Lars Oestreicher
April 21 11:15-12:00 1111 1DT340 Mattias Linder An Arduino-based MIDI Controller for Detecting Minimal Movements in Severely Disabled Children N/A Mikael Laaksoharju
April 21 13:15-14:00 1111 1DT068 Sudarshan Balajl Automatic Generation of a CPU Power Model Abdullah Al Hinai Stefanos Kaxiras
April 21 14:15-15:00 1111 1DT540 Abdullah Al Hinai A Performance Comparison of SQL and NoSQL Databases for Large Scale Analysis of Streaming Logs Sudarshan Balajl Matteo Magnani
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
May 25th 13:15-14:00 1111 1DT960 Joakim Antus Reaching Consensus using Raft TBA Tjark Weber
May 25th 14:15-15:00 1111 1DT540 Li Hao The system design of mobile application crawler and the implementation of some key technologies TBA Matteo Magnani
Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
March 16 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT960 Markus Ebbesson Mail Volume Forecasting - an Evaluation of Machine Learning Models Manzoor Ahmad Mubashir Sholeh Yasini
March 16 11:15-12:00 1211 1DT540 Manzoor Ahmad Mubashir Integration of JasperReports Server Engine in iCON Telematics Application Markus Ebbesson Justin Pearson
March 16 13:15-14:00 1211
March 16 14:15-15:00 1211 1DT340 Aymen Beshir Cross-platform development with React Native N/A Justin Pearson
March 17 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT960 Jimmy Gunnarsson Smartphone-based communicator for remote service center Christoffer Hamberg Anders Jansson
March 17 11:15-12:00 1211 1DT960 Christoffer Hamberg An Honest Ruby Web server Comparison Jimmy Gunnarsson Atis Elsts
March 17 13:15-14:00 1211 1DT340 Karin Ahlman Improving formal analysis of computerised rail traffic control systems using domain models N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
March 17 14:15-15:00 1211 1DT340 Gustav Lundin Pattern Matching in Encore N/A Tobias Wrigstad
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Feb 17 10:15 -11:00 2347 1DT540 George Chiramel Creating Memory Bandwidth Contention with Best Intentions Mohit Bangalore Venkatesh David Black-Schaffer
Feb 17 11:15 -12:00 2347 1DT540 Kristiina Ausmees Cracking the cosmic re-ionization puzzle - a Machine Learning approach Nazanin Afsarmanesh Erik Zacrisson
Feb 17 13:15 -14:00 1111 1DT960 Alexander Fougner Increasing energy efficiency and instruction scheduling by software prefetching Peramanathan Sathyamoorthy Stefanos Kaxiras
Feb 17 14:15 -15:00 1111 1DT540 Magnus Lång Erlang on the Adepteva Parallella Kristiina Ausmees Stefanos Kaxiras
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Jan 18 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Nazanin Afsarmanesh Clustering Multilayer Networks Jakob Ågren and Anton Danielsson Michael Ashcroft

Presentations and dates 2015

Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Dec 15 10:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Torbjörn Elebjörk TBA N/A Roland Bol
Dec 15 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT960 Marcus Utter Indoor Ranging using Ultra-wideband technology Mathias Jernberg Thiemo Voigt
Dec 15 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 Anton Danielsson and Jakob Ågren Development of a generic communication platform for wireless sensor networks Marcus Utter Tomas Olofsson
Dec 15 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT340 Ludvig Sundström A Force Directed Placement Method Including Angular Resolution and Bond Overlap N/A Carl Nettelblad
Dec 16 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Abdalah Hilmia Sharing location-based keys using visible light communication N/A Thiemo Voigt
Dec 17 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT540 Yong Huang A Hybrid Recommender: Study and implementation of course selection recommender engine for Computer Science Master students in Uppsala University Marcus Lång Justin Pearson
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Nov 30 13:15-15:00 1311 1DT340 Mark Tibblin A node-based representation of gameplay scripts N/A Justin Pearson
Nov 30 13:15-15:00 1311 1DT340 Joel Sandberg Controlling the movement of an exoskeleton for the elbow with EMG TBA Kjartan Halvorsen
Nov 17 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT340 Khankan, Abdul Rahman Stochastic watershed N/A Filip Malmberg
Nov 17 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT340 Staffan Edström Designing a User Interface for the Pico Image Processor N/A Stefan Seipel
Nov 18 10:15-11:00 1211 1DT540 Aji John, Pushpam Wireless Air quality and Emission Monitoring Mercier, Adeline Christian Rohner
Nov 18 11:15-12:00 1211 1DT068 Agrens, Rudolfs Wireless Air quality and Emission Monitoring Frej Knutar Christian Rohner
Nov 18 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT068 Mercier, Adeline Universal Remote for AC and Heat pump units Kristian Ionescu Christian Rohner
Nov 18 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT068 Aditya Hendra TBA Maxim Olifer Stefan Engblom
Nov 19 10:15-11:00 2345 1DT540 Krishnan, Sathyavakeswaran Web Service Interface for Legacy Virtual Product Lifecycle Management System George Chiramel Justin Peason
Nov 19 11:15-12:00 2345 1DT540 Frej Knutar Automatic Generation of Assembly Schedules For a Dual-Arm Robot Using Constraint Programming Rudolfs Agrens Pierre Flener
Nov 19 13:15-14:00 6143 1DT540 Varun Noorani Subramanian Smart City Uppsala: IoT for pollution detection and monitoring system Aji John, Pushpam Philipp Rümmer
Nov 19 14:15-15:00 6143 1DT540 Peramanathan Sathyamoorthy Enabling Energy-Efficient Data Communication with Participating Sensing and Mobile Cloud TBA Subhrakanti Dey
Nov 20 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT960 Christian Danheimer Furedal Efficiently handling object caching of dynamic data for better user-experience Alexander Fougner Justin Pearson

Upcoming dates 2015

Old Presentations

Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Oct 21 10:15-11;00 1245 1DT068 Olifer, Maxim Aditya Hendra Philipp Rümmer
Oct 21 11:15-12;00 1245 1DT540 Forsman, Elinor Christian Danheimer Furedal Michael Ashcroft
Oct 21 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT340 Segerkvist, Anton Comparison of some linear and nonlinear finite element stabilization techniques for fluid problems N/A Per Lötstedt
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Sept 22 13:15 - 14:00 1245 1MD024 Da Zhang TBA Huimin Zhang Mats Lind
Sept 22 14:15 - 15:00 1245 1MD024 Huimun Zhang TBA Da Zhang Mats Lind
Sept 23 11:15 - 12:00 1245 1DT340 Per Albin Mattson TBA TBA Johannes Borgström
Sept 23 13:15 - 14:00 1245 1DT960 Johan Risch Detecting Twitter topics using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Elinor Forsman Matteo Magnani
Sept 23 14:15 - 15:00 1245 1DT340 Tim Isbister TBA N/A Michael Ashcroft
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Sept. 1 13:15 - 14:00 1213 IT960 Linnea Sandelin Preferable techniques for showing large tables on small screens: A qualitative usability study of design solutions Johan Risch Anders Jansson
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
Aug 19 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT960 John Reusterswärd Data pipeline architecture for real-time & long-term metrics Björn Forsberg Matteo Magnani
Aug 19 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT960 Björn Forsberg Putting Hard Real.Time Applications togerther with Dark Silicon Paul Norström Stefanos Kaxiras
Aug 19 15:15-16:00 1245 1DT960 Emil Kajgård Route optimization for winter road maintenance using constraint programming TBA Pierre Flener
Aug 20 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT960 Gustaf Borgström Approximate computing for emerging technologies Henrik Grandin Magnus Själander
Aug 20 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT960 Henrik Grandin Impact of Approximate Data in arithmetic Operations Emil Kajgård Stefanos Kaxiras
Aug 20 13:15-14:00 1245 1DT540 Daniel McCain Parallel Combinators for the Encore Programming Language Max Philström Tobias Wrigstad
Aug 20 14:15-15:00 1245 1DT540 Max Philström Triangulation image processing TBA Anders Brun
Aug 21 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT068 Paul Norström TBA Linnea Sandelin Kai Lampka
Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
31 March 2015 13:15-14:00 1111 TBM Farouq, Shiraz Performance comparisons of preconditioned iterative methods for problems arising in PDE-constrained optimzation Martin Hagelin Sverker Holmgren
31 March 2015 14:15-15:00 1111 DVM Fotopoulos, Georgios Context aware mobil sensing for safe driving Varun Subramanian Atis Elsts
1 April 2015 13:15-14:00 1111 FRI Salman Kanbar, Ahmad How to find data in the jungle; A study of managing data in a MNE N/A Ahmad Alzghoul
1 April 2015 14:15-15:00 1111 DVK Klingsbo, Lukas NoSQL: Moving from MapReduce Batch Jobs to Event-Driven Data Collection N/A Kjell Orsborn
1 April 2015 15:15-16:00 1111 DVK Gerbert, Oscar Attack on the Chaos Sensor Network Protocol N/A Thiemo Voigt
1 Apr 2015 16.15 1111 DVM-Sino Wei Wang Sampling Geographic Areas Using Participatory Sensing Daha Nemutlu Cambazoglu Christian Rohner


Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
May 26 9:15-10:00 1311 DVM (1DT540) Andersson, Conny SBVR Grammar for automatic validation of business rules towards databases Daniel Wedin Roland Bol
May 26 10:15-11:00 1311 IT (1DT960) Ling, Engla Implementation of Syntax Support for SBVR in MS Excel Martin Björling Roland Bol
May 26 11:15-12:00 1311 IT (1DT960) Wedin, Daniel Beräkningsmotor för estimering av restid Marcus Lofvars Roland Bol
May 26 16:15-17:00 1111 1DT540 Juan De Dios Santos Data Analysis on Hadoop - finding tools and applications for Big Data challenges Adam Viklund Andreas Hellander
May 27 13:15-14:00 1111 1IT960 Adam Viklund Data Quality Study for AMR Systems Afonso Alborghetti Londero Fredrik Wallin
May 27 14:15-15:00 1111 1DT540 Georgios Zacharopoulos Employing Hardware Transactional Memory in Prefetching for Energy Efficiency George Ntounas Stefanos Kaxiras
May 27 15:15-16:00 1111 1DT708 Afonso Alborghetti Londero A cut cell implementation in deal II of a coupled bulk-surface reaction-diffusion problem Fredrik Härlin Per Lötstedt
May 27 16:15-17:00 1111 1DT540 Faris M Halteh Development of a motivational tool used for motivating cancer patients to increase their physical activity with focus on front-end Conny Andersson Edith Ngai
May 28 13:15-14:00 1111 1DT068 Georgios Ntounas och Panagiotis Stamatakopoulos TBA Iosif Karkanis Leif Gustafsson


Date Time Room Program Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
June 2 11:15-12:00 TBA Rikard Strömmer Roland Bol
June 2 13:15-14:00 1245 Tim Eriksson and Martin Björling User centered product development - A comparative study between classic requirements engineering and rapid contextual design Faris Halteh Mats Lind
June 2 14:15-15:00 1245 Taken Mats Lind
June 2 15:15-16:00 1245 Taken Mats Lind
June 2 16:15-17:00 1245 Axel Andren TBA Engla Ling Bengt Sandblad
June 3 13:15-14:00 1212 Kim Feenstra Kuiper Improving the multimodal interaction in remote collaborations Sara Frisk Mats Lind
June 3 14:15-15:00 1212 Alexander Schreiber Utilizing the Einstellung effect as a vehicle for falsifying training strategies in Microworlds Nina Knez Mats Lind|
June 3 15:15-16:00 1212 Ignatius Aries Kurniawan Adding extra dimensions to Message Sequence Chart: visualizing component and date variability Sigit Adinugroho Mats Lind
June 3 16:15-17:00 1212 1DT540 Vahid Abbasi Phonetic Analysis and searching with Google Glass API Ignatius Aries Kurniawan Matteo Magnani
June 9 10:15-11:00 1245 Fri Maxime Meyer Machine learning to detect online grooming Omer Enghin Michael Ashcroft
June 9 11:15-12:00 1245 DVM Omer Enghin Using Machine Learning to identify radical content on Twitter Maxime Meyer Michael Ashcroft
June 9 13:15-14:00 1111 1DT808 Fredrik Härlin Multiscale modelling of micromagnetic processes using the linearised Landau-Lifshitz equation Daniel Salvador Gunilla Kreiss
June 9 14:15-15:00 1111 1DT540 Iosif Karkanis Eye tracking mobile application for monitoring and diagnosis of mental disorders Panagiotis Stamatakopouls Anders Hast
June 9 15:15-16:00 1111 DVM Sigit Adinugroho Calving events detection and quantification from time-lapse images in the front of a glacier Juan De Dios Santos Robin Strand
June 9 16:15-15:00 1111 1DT540 Kristian Ionescu Normalization of SMT-LIB Scripts Prerna Agrawal Philipp Rümmer
June 11 13:15-14:00 1111 DVM Chris Sakalis Correctly Synchronised POSIX-threads Benchmark Applications Daniel McCain Stefanos Kaxiras
June 11 14:15-15:00 1111 HCIM Nina Knez Measuring the Usability of Operational Systemens - The development of indicators and metrics for measuring the usability of operational systems in train traffic control Tim Eriksson Anders Jansson
June 11 15:15-16:00 1111 TBM Marcus Näslund High performance computing aspects of single particle machine learning Vahid Abbasi Carl Nettelblad
June 11 16:15-17:00 1111 IT Sara Frisk Shared Visualizations for Remote Collaboration in Asynchronous Industrial Settings Kim Feenstra Kuiper Anders Jansson
June 12 10:15-11:00 1111 1DT540 Peter Morris VHDL Firmware of a Continuously Sampling 14-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter for the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Sercan Caglarca Leif Gustafsson
June 12 11:15-12:00 1111 HCIM Sarcan Caglarca Investigating the Effects of Trends in an Interface to a Dynamic System Alexander Schreiber Anders Jansson
June 12 13:15-14:00 1111 1DT540 Boris Kachscovsky Interactive Methods for Noise Generation and Manipulation Marcus Näslund Anders Hast
June 12 14:15-15:00 1111 DVM Alexander Ivanov A Centralised data aggregation layer across different consuming platforms Sudden Wikholm Arnold Pears
June 12 15:15-16:00 1111 1DT068 Prerna Agrawal Algorithms for Rapid Source Term Prediction Peter Morris Wang Yi
June 12 16:15-17:00 1111 1DT540 Deha Nemutlu Cambazoglu Role of Mobile Technology in Social Bonds in Playgrounds Boris Kachscovsky and Nanna Lagerqvist Mats Lind
June 15 10:30-11:15 1245 1DT960 Nanna Lagerqvist Inbox for User Feedback as a Method for Evaluating User Experience Marcus Enderskog Åsa Cajander
June 17 10:15-11:00 1245 1DT090 Evangelos Kaloudiotis A 169 MHz and 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus Based Water and Electricity Metering System Vahid Shirvani Leif Gustafsson
June 17 11:15-12:00 1245 1DT540 Vahid Shirvani Investigate and Analyze the Backend of Smart Phone Applications Evangelos Kaloudiotis Edith Ngai

Kandidat/Bachelor Only

Date Time Room Respondent Title Reviewer
June 11 13:15-14:00 1245 Enrique Novella Lars Oestreicher
June 11 14:15-15:00 1245
June 11 16:15-17:00 1245
June 12 13:15-14:00 1245 Martin Håstad Computer aided poker playing Roland Bol
June 12 14:15-15:00 1245 Samuel Svensäter Mikael Laaksoharju
June 12 15:15-16:00 1245 Max Falk Nilsson Compressing main memory index Tore Risch
June 12 16:15-17:00 1245
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