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Department of Information Technology

Presentations and dates

(1DT340 = Bachelor thesis in computer science, 1DT540 = Master thesis in computer science, 1DT960 = Master thesis in computer and information engineering, 1TD808 Master thesis in Computational Science, 1DT068 Master thesis in Embedded System)

Presentations Fall 2021 1DT340 (Computer Science Bachelor)

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Reviewer
20/8 13.15-14.00 1DT340 Joakim Hansson Lock handling in the HPC job scheduler SLURM Parosh Abdulla
22/9 13.15-14.00 1DT340 Magdalena Bergqvist Detecting engagement from prosodic features in spoken dialog Giulia Perugia
22/9 14.15-16.00 1DT340 Rewa Aboras & Georgios Davakos Digitization of Swedish Carribean Colonization History Anders Hast
6/10 13.15-16.00 1DT340
20/10 13.15-16.00 1DT340

Presentations Fall 2021 1DT540 (Computer Science Master)

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
24/8 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Shreyas Shivakumara Image processing in MRI guided real-time adaptive radiotherapy Saradh Tiwari Robin Strand
24/8 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Saradh Tiwari Fast Parametric Registration of Whole-Body MRI Volumes Shreyas Shivakumara Robin Strand
24/8 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Rahul Pai Udma Evaluate the feasibility of a mobile health professional application and mobile patient application in a swedish context Jad Ali Daoud Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
25/8 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Jad Ali Daoud Maps element prediction from raw time series data using machine learning techniques Rahul Pai Udma Alexander Medvedev
25/8 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Li Ju Task scheduling for heterogeneous edge computing systems with Kubernetes David Meadon Sadi Alawadi
25/8 15.15-16.00 1DT540 David Meadon Matrix-less methods for approximating eigenvectors of Toeplitz matrices Li Ju Maya Neytcheva
27/9 13.15-14.15 1DT540 Hampus Falk Drone collision using video game data Andre le Blanc Filip Malmberg
27/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Andre le Blanc Incorporating Orthogonal Moments in CNNs Hampus Falk Amin Allalou
27/9 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Georgios Panayiotou Randomized algorithms for spatial keyword search Venkata Sai Teja Mogillapalle Georgios Fakas
27/9 16.15-17.00 1DT540 Venkata Sai Teja Mogillapalle Image processing in MRI guided real-time adaptive radiotherapy: Improved segmentation using temporal data Georgios Panayiotou Robin Strand
28/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Olle Torstensson Oracle Integration of Floating-Point Solvers with Isabelle Praveen Swamy Lars Henrik Eriksson
28/9 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Praveen Swamy Calving monitoring with vision camera system Sayed Hossan Parvez Joakim Lindblad
28/9 16.15-17.00 1DT540 Sayed Hossan Parvez Exploring how general and vocational students perform in selected computer science courses of undergraduate program using final exam, and survey data Olle Torstensson Mats Daniels
28/9 14.15-17.00 1DT540
25/10 13.15-16.00 1DT540
26/10 13.15-16.00 1DT540
29/11 13.15-16.00 1DT540
30/11 13.15-16.00 1DT540
13/12 13.15-16.00 1DT540
14/12 13.15-16.00 1DT540

Presentations Fall 2021 1DT960 (IT Engineering)

Time slots morning: 8:30-9:30, 9:45-10:45, 11:00-12:00
Time slots afternoon: 13:15-14:15, 14:30-15:30
These times are preliminary. For 2-student projects, the time slot is 90 minutes.

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
19/8 08.30-09.30 1DT960
19/8 09.45-10.45 1DT960 Erik Gådin ReactNative as alternative to native applications concerning hardware control and accessibility Anton Gildebrand Yuan Yao
19/8 11.00-12.00 1DT960 David Östlund Genomics in the cloud Erik Gådin Salman Toor
19/8 13.15-14.15 1DT960 Melker Österberg Measuring functional purity in C# David Östlund Konstantinos Sagonas
19/8 14.30-15.30 1DT960 Anton Gildebrand Package size estimation using mobile devices Melker Österberg Damian Matuszewski
20/8 08.30-09.30 1DT960 Niklas Persson Hand-drawing rendering on mobile devices Max Perea Düring Stefan Seipel
20/8 09.45-10.45 1DT960 Max Perea Düring CBLS invariant structure from flatzinc models Niklas Persson Pierre Flener
20/8 11.00-12.00 1DT960
22/9 morning 1DT960
22/9 afternoon 1DT960
20/10 morning 1DT960
20/10 afternoon 1DT960
24/11 morning 1DT960
24/11 afternoon 1DT960
14/12 morning 1DT960
15/12 morning 1DT960
15/12 afternoon 1DT960
11/1 -22 morning 1DT960
11/1 -22 afternoon 1DT960

Presentations Fall 2021 1TD808 (Computational Science)

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer

Presentations Fall 2021 1DT068 (Embedded Systems)

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
24/8 13.15 IDT068
24/8 14.15 IDT068 Mohamad Ghaith Sankari Multi-core support on a robot controller Aakash Goel and Sagar Shubham Yi Wang
24/8 15.15 IDT068 Aakash Goel and Sagar Shubham State-of-the-art embedded linux build systems Mohamad Ghaith Sankari Pontus Ekberg
21/9| 13.15 IDT068 Nusrat Hossain 5G Based Intelligent Motion Control Amrutha Chickmagalur Basavaraja Wang Yi
21/9 14.15 IDT068 Amrutha Chickmagalur Basavaraja Handling large beam book for temperature control with an advanced embedded system Nusrat Hossain Kristiaan Pelckmans
21/9 15.15 IDT068 Kexin Xu Exploring properties and limitations of Graph Networks (GNNs) in Software Verification Vivek Vivian Philipp Rümmer
21/9 16.15 IDT068 Vivek Vivian Develop an augmented reality driver + vehicle in loopsystem based on latest AR technology Kexin Xu Christophe Avenel
19/10 13.15 IDT068
16/11 13.15 IDT068
14/12 13.15 IDT068

Presentations are normally towards the end of each month. Mail to book a presentation. I need at least two weeks in order to book a presentation.

Old presentations can be found here

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