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Department of Information Technology


Maya Neytcheva

Seminar program in scientific computing

Fall 2021

Date to be announced, at 13:15: Internal speaker, Zoom meeting

December 15 at 13:15: Half-time seminar, 2347, Hybrid live-zoom meeting

High-order finite difference methods with applications in Geophysics

December 8 at 13:15: Guest lecturer, 2247 Hybrid live-zoom meeting

To be announced

December 1 at 13:15: Guest lecturer, 1245 Hybrid live-zoom meeting

Bayesian inversion for tomography through machine learning

November 24 at 13:15: 1211 Hybrid live-zoom meeting

To test, or not to test: A proactive approach for deciding complete performance test initiation

November 10 at 13:15: 2345, Hybrid live-zoom meeting

Orthogonal Spline Collocation Method for Numerical Solution of Boundary Value Problems

October 27 at 13:15: Guest lecturer, 2245 Hybrid live-zoom meeting

Error estimates of the backward Euler--Maruyama method for multi-valued stochastic differential equations

October 20 at 14:15: Guest lecturer, 2344 Hybrid live-zoom meeting

Investigating the drivers of Helheim Glacier’s variability using numerical modelling

Date TBA at 13:15: TDB lecturer

Bayesian inversion for tomography through machine learning

October 13 at 13:15: Guest lecturer, 2344 Hybrid live-zoom meeting

Preliminary: Computer simulations of network models with application to paper industry

September 22 at 13:15: Guest lecturer, Zoom meeting

Preliminary: Deep learning as optimal control problems with applications to mechanical systems

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