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Department of Information Technology

The 50th anniversary of IT celebrated May 27, 2015

The education in Numerical Analysis started in 1962 with the first course given by Heinz-Otto Kreiss. By decisions in the Parliament, the Department of Computer Sciences (Institutionen för informationsbehandling) was founded and a chair in Numerical Analysis was created in 1965. Kreiss was the first holder of this professorship, and the department developed to include a broader spectrum of topics in both research and education. The original part, centered around the chair in Numerical Analysis, changed its name to Scientific Computing, which initially was called teknisk databehandling (TDB) in Swedish.

In 1999, the new and larger Department of Information Technology (IT) was formed with TDB as a division. So when IT celebrated its 50th anniversary in May 2015, it could be seen as a Scientific Computing (TDB) anniversary. Many former staff members were present, among them the three professors preceding the current professor in Numerical Analysis Gunilla Kreiss. They are all seen in the first picture.

A book was published on the jubilee day.


Four professors in Numerical Analysis. From left to right: Gunilla Kreiss, Heinz-Otto Kreiss, Björn Engquist, and Bertil Gustafsson


Head of Department and professor in Scientific Computing Michael Thuné presents the history of the department.


Carina Lindgren and Loreto Skoknic


Christina Waller


Ajay Saxena, Eva Pärt-Enander, and Jan Kärrman


Daniel Noreland, Per Lötstedt, and Per Wahlund


Bertil Gustafsson gives a speech at the dinner.


Head of Department and professor Michael Thuné and Chief Administrator and organizer of the dinner Lotta Lundell


Former professors in Numerical Analysis Björn Engquist and Heinz-Otto Kreiss

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