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Department of Information Technology

Domain Analysis & Description: A Philosophy Basis?

Dines Bjørner, Techn. Univ. of Denmark

Date and Time
September 9 2019, 13:15 - 14:00

Polacksbacken, ITC 4308.

The talk consists of two parts: A philosophy part and a terse summary of my April 2019 ACM Trans. on Software Engineering and Methodology paper on Domain Analysis & Description.

In the philosphy part I outline Kai Sorlander's philosophy on what must necessarily be in any description of any world.

In the domain analysis & description part I present a new preamble for software engineering, one that precedes requirements engineering. I outline two calculi: one for the analysis of the endurants of human artefact "dominated" domains, and one for their description. By a transcendental deduction endurant domain descriptions are translated perdurant domain descriptions: manifest parts becoming behaviours.

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