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Department of Information Technology

Distributed Drug Discovery

Andrey Mokhov — Newcastle University (UK)

Date and Time
Thursday, September 20, at 10:15

Polacksbacken, ITC, room 1111.

The POETS (Partially Ordered Event Triggered Systems) computing architecture is
based on the idea of an extremely large number of small processing cores, embedded
in a fast parallel communications infrastructure tailored for small fixed-size data packets.
This talk will introduce the architecture and will describe a case study of accelerating
computational drug discovery on a POETS machine. In particular, we will look at
computing the average shortest path in protein-interaction networks, and using
distributed genetic algorithms for finding promising drug candidates.

Speaker Bio
Andrey Mokhov is a senior lecturer at the School of Engineering, Newcastle University (UK),
and a Royal Society Industry Fellow with Microsoft Research Cambridge. Andrey’s research
interests are in applying abstract mathematics and functional programming to large-scale
engineering problems. In particular, his current projects include design of asynchronous
computing architectures, as well as developing theory and libraries for software build systems.

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