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Department of Information Technology

Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network Systems: Towards CPS Intelligence

Adnan Al-Anbuky
Director of SeNSe Research Laboratory,
Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Auckland University of Technology

Date and Time
Friday, Oct 20th, 2017 at 13:15.

Polacksbacken, ITC, room 1211.

The progress made in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are leading into the more comprehensive and integrated organization of the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). Both the Cloud and Fog (or Edge-computing) plays important role in extending the capability of wireless sensor networks. This, in effect, enables the virtualization and support intelligence around the various services that the wireless sensor network can offer. Ultimately the goal of transparent coordination between the virtual and physical organizations could be achieved through the two ways communication between the cloud and the WSN using the IoT (or the Internet) connectivity. Timing and synchronization among the system components are of vital importance in coordinating the controlled actions with the events of a highly complex and distributed system. The field is directly associated with wide range of applications such as transportation, farming, horticulture, health, manufacturing, to name few. The talk will discuss the generic conceptual architecture for IoT based WSN system with emphasis on the degree of freedom offered by softwarization, edge computing and network functions virtualization. This will lead into discussing the layered architecture for defining the WSN-SDN initiative. The talk also discusses examples on conceptual use-cases relevant to shared spaces, precision health and vehicular networks.

Adnan Al-Anbuky is a full professor at AUT-New Zealand and direct the SeNSe research lab. His current research area is around the dynamic interaction of the WSN with the physical phenomenon in capturing the critical events taking into consideration the IoT and cloud support. Adnan has assumed various academic and administrative roles at Auckland University of technology, Canterbury University, Yarmouk University and Baghdad University of Technology. He also spent significant time with Industry for taking the research outcome into commercialization. The later is manifested through his work with Swichtec NZ, Plant and Food, Scion and others. Recently, the involvement in projects like public space ambient intelligence PSAmI, Precision health, and traceability of food condition at inventory has encouraged the contribution towards the concepts of IoT base WSN software-defined infrastructure, and cyber- physical systems. Adnan is a member of the editorial board of number of international journals and scientific groups. He is actively contributing to the organization or operation of numerous local and international events and conferences. He has delivered number of keynote talks and has numerous conference and journal peer reviewed publications.

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