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Department of Information Technology

CUSTOMER: Customizable Embedded Real-Time Systems

Wang Yi

Date and Time
Friday, Sept 8th, 2017 at 14:15.

Polacksbacken, ITC, room 1111.

Today, many industrial products are defined by software and therefore customizable by installing new applications on demand. Their functionalities are implemented by software and can be modified and extended by software updates. This trend towards customizable products is rapidly expanding into all domains of IT, including Embedded Real-Time Systems (ERTS) deployed in cars, robotics, and medical devices etc. The current state-of-practice in safety-critical systems allows hardly any modifications once they are deployed. The lack of techniques to preserve crucial safety conditions for customizable systems severely restricts the benefits of advances in software defined systems engineering.

CUSTOMER aims to supply the missing paradigms and technologies for building and updating ERTS after deployment – subject to stringent timing constraints, dynamic workloads, and limited resources on complex platforms. CUSTOMER explores research areas covering two fields: Real-Time Computing and Formal Verification to develop the key technologies to enable (1) modular software updates on ERTS after deployment by re-configurable run-time scheduling, (2) efficient and incremental updates by optimal scheduling strategies and (3) safe updates by efficient verification to avoid updates that may compromise system safety.

This presentation will be a summary of the ERC proposal submitted last week.

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