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Department of Information Technology

Smart City

We have the following bachelor/master thesis openings:

Master Thesis Projects on “Blockchain for Smart Cities”

The EU SimpliCITY project attempts to raise the usage of smart city services (e.g. bike
mobility, local consumption, social inclusion) by encouraging both physical and digital
participation using incentivization methods and tools, including Distributed Ledger
Technology (DLT) such as Blockchain. The goal is to motivate citizens to use smart regional
sustainability services and empower them to change their mobility, consumption or social
integration patterns.
EU SimpliCITY project

We offer two master thesis projects on the following topics, related to Distributed Ledger
Technology (DLT). One form of DLT implementation is the blockchain system. DLT is a
consensus of replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data geographically spread
across multiple sites, countries, or institutions. No central administrator or centralized
data storage is needed with this technology. However, a peer-to-peer network and
consensus algorithms are required to ensure replication across nodes is undertaken.
Project Description

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