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Department of Information Technology

Biomedical Information Technology

At the Department of Information Technology we run a wide variety of projects within the area of Biomedical Information Technology.


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Biomed-IT Research Arena


Grant calls
Joint call between Swelife and Medtech4Health

Funding can be sought for between 500 000 and 3 000 000 SEK to support collaboration projects with high innovation potential that can contribute to improved prevention, diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of diseases and other conditions requiring medical care. These may involve new products, services, processes or other quality or value-creating solutions. Projects must be collaborative in nature, and must include active partners from at least two of the health, university and business sectors.

More information about the call can be found here.

Swelife and Medtech4Health - Collaborative Projects for Improved Health (Spring 2019)
Deadline: February 28
The goal is to promote renewal and innovation for a more value-added healthcare and increase sustainable growth in the life science sector in Sweden. See this link for more information.

Measurable Man
Symposium 9-10 October, 2019
Organizing committee: Ulf Landegren (convener), Erik Ullerås, Kristofer Rubin

Man has long been the measure of all things – with heartbeat seconds for time; inches, feet and fathoms to measure distances; and Fahrenheit degrees defined by our body temperature. But the tables are turning, and we increasingly find ourselves digitized, pixelated and voxelated, and rolled out as strings of nucleotides or simply bits of abstracted information. In medicine, we are entering a phase of data-rich, personalized medicine where humans are being represented by large data sets that will permit modelling aspects of our future health. This tendency towards multiparametric measurement and digitization of people will not only permeate health care but also impinge on our everyday lives, with profound consequences for medicines and industries, as well as for how we view each other and what we see as a life worth living. The symposium Measurable Man will introduce a new research program by that same name at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS), with the purpose to better understand what means for analysis of human health we are still missing and how to achieve these, but also to understand opportunities and risks of the rapidly emerging molecular measures of man.

Lectures by Leroy Hood, Kári Stefánsson, and Mathias Uhlén, among others.

Please note that the symposium is divided into two parts:
Wednesday, 9 October: a round-table discussion which is a closed event and by invitation only.
Thursday, 10 October: public lectures.

For more information, please visit:

Samtal kring AI med Karim och Thomas
A discussion (in Swedish) between Karim Jebari, PhD and Thomas Schöön, professor at the IT department, about AI and its societal consequences. February 27, 16.00-18.00. Registration required! Registration and more information

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Projects within Biomedical Information Technology

We run a wide variety of projects within the area of Biomedical Information Technology. Here we list brief summaries of ongoing projects.

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Previous activities

On the open SSF call Med-X; -- Medicine meets IT, electronics och material research
Date and time: October 24, 12:00-13:00
Place: 2446
Speakers: Thiemo Voigt, IT department. Inger Florin, SSF.
Thiemo Voigt presents the LifeSec SSF project on IT security in medical IoT applications, but also the background to how this project came about. Inger Florin, the research secretary responsible for this call att SSF presents the current call itself and is available for questions.

IT och AI i radiologi – var står vi idag, a lunch seminar at the Radiology division
Date and time: November 9th, 12:00-13:00
Venue: The lecture room at the Radiology division, UU Hospital, entrance 70, first floor
Speakers: Robin Strand, Joel Kullberg, Johan Wikström, Tomas Bjerner, Håkan Ahlström

June 8: Seminar by Anne Carpenter (Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, US) 13:15 at SciLifeLab, triple room in Navet, BMC, E10:1309
A picture is worth a million data points: Tackling world health problems via cell morphology
More information

May 31: AIMday The BiomedIT Research Arena will organise an AIMday focusing on the use of machine learning in life science and medicine at Navet, BMC, Uppsala University. See the aimday homepage.

May 15: Lunch seminar 12.00 in 2446 with Adam Ameur and Niclas Jareborg who talk about the data processing challenges associated to the SweGen project that aims to map genetic variation in Sweden.

April 26 2018: Workshop for the initiation of new collaborations with GE Healthcare. Participating speakers from GE as well as the IT department, hosted by the BiomedIT arena. 9.00-12.00

Inauguration of Uppsala MedTech Science & Innovation. Video of the event.

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