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Department of Information Technology

Automated Reasoning Arena

to promote multidisciplinary collaboration between divisions and between the Department of Information Technology and external parts.

About Automated Reasoning

Automated reasoning is a subfield of theoretical computer science and mathematical logic that aims in making computer programs autonomous and reason logically (e.g., allowing computer programs to (automatically) find solutions for wide range of problems). Over the last years, automated reasoning has been used for a wide variety of applications, including SAT (decision procedures for the propositional logic), SMT (solvers for Satisfiability Modulo Theories), interactive theorem proving, hardware and software verification,  test-case generation and planning, and has in many domains significantly pushed the state of the art.

Automated reasoning has been a core part of research at the Information technology Department (Uppsala University) for a number of years. This includes the development of new SMT solvers (e.g., for new theories such as strings, floating-point numbers, or quantifiers), the development of new theorem provers, the use of automated reasoning in substantial applications related to the verification and testing of various safety-critical systems, and significant involvement in community work.

The Automated Reasoning Arena will serve as a platform to promote multidisciplinary collaboration, to coordinate research activities in this area and to make the research on automated reasoning more visible, both internally (university-level) and externally.

Contact Us

The Automated Reasoning Arena is part of the Department of Information Technology and is situated at the Information Technology Center (ITC) in Uppsala, Sweden.

Arena coordinator
Riccardo de Masellis
More Contacts
Philipp Rümmer (Division of Computer Systems)
Tjark Weber (Computing Science Division)

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