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Department of Information Technology

Other Awards


  • Equal Opportunities Award: Michael Thuné was awarded the 2017 Equal Opportunities Award. The motivation reads: "Michael Thuné [has] consistently, purposefully and continually worked for equal opportunities and equality in teaching and research, and in his management and trust assignments at the Department of information Technology as well as at the faculty and university levels. The Council for Equal Opportunities wishes to highlight Michael Thuné's time as prefect during which he created conditions and opportunities for active gender equality and equal opportunities work at his department." Read more in Medarbetarportalen (in Swedish only).


  • UppSense - Uppsala university's SensUs-team - received the Swedish Emedded Award at the Annual Scandivania Embedded Systems Conference. Two of our students in the Embedded Systems Master Program - Maximilian Stiefel och Elmar van Rijnswou - are part of the team. The award is 25000 kr. The conference attracted some 2,000 participants last year and also now in 2017. It is considered the largest embedded conference in Europe and attracts a lot of interests from Swedish industries and acadmics every year.
  • UppSense - Uppsala University's SensUs Team - recently participated in SensUS 2017, an annual international student competition on sensors for health. Two members on the team - Maximilian Stiefel and Elmar van Rijnswou - are students in the Master's programme in Embedded Systems at the Department of Information Technology. The team's contribution won "The Creativity Award", one of the four prizes of the contest. Congratulations from all of us at the department!


  • Sveriges unga akademi: Stefan Engblom has become a member of Sveriges unga akademi (Swedens young academy). Sveriges unga akademi is an independent, interdisciplinary forum for a selection of the best young researchers in Sweden, within all subject areas. The academy enables meetings which fuels unexpected initiatives. It was founded in 2011 on the initiative of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and currently has 34 members. Read more at Sveriges unga akademi's web page.


  • IEEE Fellows: Ewert Bengtsson och Wang Yi have been appointed IEEE Fellows. Citations: "For contributions to quantitative microscopy and biomedical image analysis" (Bengtsson), and "for the contribution to safety-critical real-time systems" (Yi). In addition to the unique designation of two researchers from the same department and university, a third researcher from KTH was elected Fellow. In total, 52 now living people in Sweden have been appointed Fellows during the 50 years the award has existed.
  • Gustaf Adolfsmedaljen (Gustaf Adolf Medal) in gold: Håkan Lanshammar received the medal in gold for his many years of successful management at the Department of Information Technology. See press release. (In Swedish.)


  • Gustaf Adolfsmedaljen (Gustaf Adolf Medal) in gold: Ewert Bengtsson was awarded Gustaf Adolfsmedaljen in gold with the motivation (in Swedish): Ewert Bengtsson, professor i datoriserad bildanalys, belönas för sina hängivna och långvariga insatser vid Uppsala universitet vad gäller användningen av informationsteknologiska hjälpmedel. I sin roll som rektorsråd har Bengtsson på ett föredömligt sätt representerat universitetet i frågor rörande informationsteknologi, och bland annat bidragit till skapandet av Uppsala Learning Laboratory. See the press release. (In Swedish.)
  • Golden Core Member: Arnold Pears has been awarded "Golden Core Member" by the IEEE Computer Society 2012 at their board meeting in January 2013. A plaque is awarded for long-standing member or staff service to the society. Read more about Golden Core Award.


  • UTN's Gold Medal: Björn Victor and Per Wahlund were awarded the 2010 UTN's Gold Service Medal. Olle Gällmo was awarded in 2009 and Joachim Parrow was awarded in 2008. The Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students Gold Service Medal is awarded to those who have made extraordinary efforts which favoured union organization, union members, involvement in the union corps, Uthgård, students at Uppsala University's Faculty of Science and Technology, or strengthening education and research in science and engineering. Read the jury's motivations here (in Swedish only).
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